Because 2020 isn’t weird enough, you can now buy a R28,000 Gucci esports watch


Everyone knows at least one person who is a little too into their fashion brands. We’re not sure how many of those people are also a bit obsessive about gaming but the people at the middle of that particular Venn diagram have something to look forward to — an esports-themed Gucci wristwatch.


Wait, seriously? 

Pretty much. The Gucci wristwatch is currently available for pre-order for $1,620, or a little over R28,000. It was made in partnership with esports organisation Fnatic which has also partnered with BMW, OnePlus, and other notable brands.

But there’s something special about it, right?

Depends on your definition of ‘special’. The garish orange/black/steel watch was inspired by Fnatic’s League of Legends team and features the Fnatic logo engraved on the rear of the device. It’s limited to online sales, you’ve already seen what it costs and there will only be 100 of them made. So… get in there quick, Mr Hypothetical Statistical Anomaly.

And it connects to a phone, or…?

Nope. It’s Gucci, it doesn’t have to do that. Or so we’re told. It just has to look good on politicians and other people who get to spend someone else’s money. It tells time. And is vaguely tied to a gaming brand, so we’ll likely see it being worn by someone high-profile who has never even heard of League of Legends. And maybe a few fans who also happen to have large bank accounts. If you order one today, it should get here about… mid-July. We won’t judge. Much.


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