Fortnite’s new season features Aquaman, robots and a whole lotta water


Even the busy devs behind Fortnite has taken a short sabbatical during the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems we’ve finally got a glimpse at the next season of the sensational battle royale game. 

The story continues from the “Doomsday” event earlier this week, and features more… water than we expected to see. Chapter 2 Season 3 drops you into a partially flooded island area and features some marauders, sharks that can be used as vehicles (for reals) and a shirtless Aquaman. Because… of course, it does. 

Don’t worry though, because the map will mostly stay the same for die-hard fans who don’t like change (are Fortnite players old enough to be miserable old gamers? Probs not yet). Areas like The Grotto (you know, the place where Brutus, the henchmen and a powerful mythic weapon hangs out) is now completely underwater. 

Along with boats and helicopters, Epic is also introducing cars and trucks — and apparently sharks — as part of the transport modes on the island. You’ll also need to deal with some natural formations that come with large masses of water — whirlpools that will allow players to rotate out of areas using their glider. 

Epic did confirm, however, that this change isn’t permanent, because the water will do what real-life water does and recede. “As time goes on and water recedes, even more locations will be uncovered and as the roadways become more open, you’ll discover new ways to get around,” Epic says in a statement. 

If you’re keen on the upcoming season (or seeing a Fortnite-style shirtless Aquaman), check out the teaser video above.



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