Star Wars: Squadrons confirmed by EA, trailer coming this week


The dog-fighting flight simulator genre is a little bit stale right now. Sure, we have Microsoft: Flight SimulatorElite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky which let you control your own ship but the flight combat is either only a small aspect or non-existent in those games. Remember the classic sci-fi flight games like Star Wars: TIE Fighter, or Star Wars: Starfighter or Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance? Wow, there’s actually a lot of flying in Star Wars, huh?

While Star WarsBattlefront 2 (2017) featured full-scale spaces battles and dogfighting, it just didn’t feel the same. So here’s hoping the latest leak out of EA Games can take us back to the classics…

All wings report in

Leaked on this weekend, it appears the next Star Wars game from EA is Star Wars: Squadron. A name like that is pretty obviously hinting at plenty of space-combat, photon torpedos and cool starships. Just after the leak made its way out into the world, EA confirmed that it was real. And that more information would be dropping very soon.

According to VentureBeat, this new game in the beloved franchise will include a single-player campaign but the focus of the game will be on multiplayer battle, because of course it will. Fortunately for fans desperate for more explosive outer space battles between Rebels and the Empire, the wait for some more info won’t be long. The first trailer for the game drops today at 17:00 CAT.


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