Keep your eyes peeled for these DSTV Premium scams doing the rounds


While we all know that there’s a sucker born every minute that doesn’t mean we should pick on them. Those poor folks, they see the world as this magical place of kindness and opportunity, unaware that all around them swim sharks and villains, tempting them with offers that are clearly too good to be true… Such is the case with this DStv Premium scam currently doing the rounds, so best to keep up-to-date and informed as to avoid falling prey to some conniving conman.

We can already hear the comments section: “I don’t get it, I thought DStv Premium was already a scam!” Which is a good joke, we all laughed here in the office. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that folks are being taken advantage of. DStv posted a blog update making users aware that the amount of scams plaguing customers is on the rise. The most common of these ruses involves tricking customers into providing a one-off bulk payment for a year of DStv Premium, which isn’t how Multichoice conducts business.

Money for nothing

There are loads of other scams being run too. Customers have reported receiving emails seemingly from Multichoice asking for personal banking details to claim a ton of cash for being loyal to the service or winning a DStv-sponsored competition. Others have been sent an SMS demanding an overdue payment that needs to be paid immediately and includes personal bank details. Weirder still, several people have noted seeing fraudulent social media posts recruiting for Multichoice. It should go without saying, but Multichoice wants everyone to know that they don’t offer to drive people to interviews. So don’t hop into stranger’s cars, folks. Unless they work for Uber and you summoned ’em, obvs.

“MultiChoice will never request your personal details via email or SMS – please do not hand over your personal information to anyone claiming to be from DStv. Also, do not make payments directly to an individual claiming they are from MultiChoice or DStv – use one of our direct platforms to make your payments to your DStv account,” reads the blog post.

Be aware of folks looking to make a quick buck off the gullible. Scammers are everywhere and more than a few people have fallen prey to them in the past. There’s a reason scammers are still around. Keep your wits about you and if you think you’ve been sent a scam by someone using the Multichoice name, you can email the company at to report the incident.


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