Razer and THX team up to bring us some new audio kit


Brought to you by the guys who normally make PC gaming peripherals, these are the Opus wireless headphones. Razer teamed up with audio gurus THX to design a pair of headphones ready to pump out just about any audio you want and make it sound good. 

The Razer Opus’ THX certification brings some impressive audio while adhering to the stringent sonic standards of the reputable AV brand. THX has been in the audio business since the early 1980s, so we know they’ve got some serious sound flex. 

According to THX, the certification process is rigorous. “Developed to define a reference headphone listening experience, the THX Headphone Certification Program gives special attention to interpreting high-frequency correlation, improving dialogue intelligibility, and low-frequency extension.” Which basically means that every sound you listen to through these bad boys will sound like the engineer intended it to sound. So if it sounds like crap, it was supposed to sound like that. 

The Opus also launches with a mobile companion app that’ll allow users to fine tune the beats using THX-tuned EQ presets — the app will also show the battery life and technical aspects. 

The cans also feature noise-cancelling, a welcome addition to any set of Bluetooth headphones. What makes these stand out, though, is the price point of just $200 (R3,600), whereas many competitors are priced way beyond that. We’ll fill you in on local details once we have more info. 

Sauce: The Verge


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