Explore Ancient Egypt and Greece for free with Ubisoft, valid till 21 May


Educating young minds is hard. That’s why teachers go to university for years before they’re allowed to shape a country’s youth. But parents all over the country have to take on that role now and have found out — this bears repeating — teaching is hard. Ubisoft hopes to make it at least a little easier.

The Magic School… Computer?

Ubisoft’s got a freebie available for… well, everyone. From now until 21 May, you can get your hands on the PC version of Assassin’s Creed‘s two Discovery Tour releases. This feature was released as DLC for both Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Think an Assassin’s Creed world but without any of the stabby, shooty bits.

Instead, you’ll go on a guided (or chaotic, if you’re doing the horse-riding) tour of Ancient Greece and Egypt — an actual educational experience that’ll make you feel like Ms. Frizzle as you watch your youngsters explore the accurate details that Ubisoft tucked into its typically violent adventures. Minus the actual violence.

“With millions of children experiencing upheaval to their studies right now, and teachers forced to adapt their lessons to digital tools, people are seeking new and enriching ways to learn. We’re really proud of the Discovery Tours and their capacity to make history accessible, immersive, and fun,” said Ubisoft’s Etienne Allonier.

Act now

You don’t have to do it now — the offer is valid till 21 May. But… may as well do it now. It’s not like you have plans this Friday evening. While you’re snagging the Discovery Tour, you might as well check out the other freebies. There’s a chess game based on the Might and Magic franchise, as well as a Rabbids coding app that… well, you’ll see. There’s access to several Ubisoft game trials, in case you’re looking for something for the older members of the family to do when they’re finished the Discovery Tour done teaching the kids about life in Ancient Greece. The only catch? You’ve gotta sign up for Ubisoft’s UPlay service.


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