Huawei’s re-re-releasing the P30 Pro, because you all seem to love Google so much


Huawei’s P30 Pro — the smartphone so good that Huawei released it twice. Sound about right? That’s just what Huawei is doing with a second release of the handset, known as the P30 Pro New Edition, heading to market soon.

But why?

The reasons for it should be obvious. The P30 Pro was one heck of a smartphone, but it’s got the dubious distinction of being the last Huawei smartphone released (for a while, at least) with Google’s Mobile Services installed. The phone first launched in March last year, was re-released in September (with a new colour scheme) and is being launched again, now. With… you guessed it, yet another colour. The P30 Pro New Edition is now available in Silver.

Other than that, it’s the same as the original flagship from more than a year ago. Any hardware changes or upgrades mean that Huawei can’t actually ship the device with Google’s services still intact but it looks like there’s still a demand for the phone. Folks don’t seem especially keen on Huawei’s own HMS solution. At least, not yet.

If you want one, you’ll have to move to Germany. That’s the only country with a confirmed release of the ‘updated’ phone. There will be other countries getting the re-re-release, according to Android Authority, but who, where, and when… those are questions that will be answered later.


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  1. What about the support? The phone is technically a year old already. And if past track records show (current owner of a 2year old p20 pro still on 9.1 with security update rollouts reduced to every 2nd month or so.. no talks of when emui 10 will be released and other devices already on 10.1 ) so come next year this time chances are good this will happen with the p30 pro too. Now how does that help if you locked in a 2 year contract or a 3 year as vodacom offers now?
    Im upgrading this month and it wont be Huawei again.

    • The P30 pro is a brilliant phone. I have the P10 pro as well as a P8. Probably the best phones ever. The politics between the two countries should not impact customers wanting to purchase any Huawei device. It’s ludicrous that we the customers must suffer due to selfish decisions. Where are our Rights as a customer paying for a service and a device of our choice?

  2. Terrible news article.
    You left out the fact that the re-release P30 will actually have improved cameras, upgraded memory and be cheaper than the original phone release. The only thing Huawei can’t do is upgrade the SOC chip. So in effect the CPU/GPU won’t change.
    Also it will be released in more countries near the end of the year.

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