Bored? Attach Apple Mac Pro wheels to a skateboard and pull off the most unnecessary kickflip ever


As we all know, Apple’s target market is the demographic most likely to rip their jeans while pulling off rad skateboard tricks. Right? Who doesn’t love landing a totally sick ollie and then editing the footage of your bitchin’ stunt with their Mac Pro?

Definitely us. We’ve spent many seconds on a skateboard once. If you’re passionate about owning the illest deck in the skatepark and you have an easy R13,000 ($700) just sitting in your pocket, you could unite these lifestyles and create the most expensive (and terrible) skateboard possible.

Which is exactly what Braille Skateboarding did, taking the ridiculously overpriced wheels for the new Mac Pro and bolting them straight onto the deck of a skateboard. The results were… well, they weren’t entirely great to start with and they didn’t improve, even after several modifications. The problem is the built-in pivot on the wheels, meaning they constantly twisted and turned while riding the board. This yields a pretty unbalanced ride — a bit like standing on a shopping trolley made using only front wheels.

Braille Skateboarding fixed the problem by adding proper skateboard trucks, holding Apple’s overpriced wheels in place while in use. Still, they’re not exactly designed to drop hot tricks so you’re probably better off just investing in legit skateboard wheels. Unless you’re one of those people that just walks around the park, showing off their board and never actually skating. You could do that too. You could also just wait for the remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2, which was announced last night. You’re less likely to get a concussions that way.

(Source: The Verge)


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