DOOM Eternal update adds some stronger demons and quality of life improvements


When DOOM Eternal (Yes, the capital letter iconography is the official formatting) launched a few months back we ended up loving every second. Fast, violent and tightly designed when it’s not trying to stuff too much into itself, DOOM Eternal is one of the best modern shooters made since…well, since the last DOOM in 2016. id Software and Bethesda could have just kicked the sequel out the door and let fans enjoy what was initially offered, that procedure just doesn’t cut it these days. Thus, the announcement that DOOM Eternal will be receiving its first major patch to iron out some kinks and add some cool features.

The first major addition to the game is Empowered Demons, which function almost like game-hopping mini-bosses. The idea is when a player is killed by a demon in their game, that monstrous enemy “levels up” and is transported to a different player’s game, where the cycle then continues. If someone manages to topple the beast, they’re rewarded with an abundance of health, ammo and extra XP to level up their account. Neat!

Further additions are making their way into the single-player campaign by way of quality of life improvements. Added tool tips for demon tutorials, reduced toxic damage, vertical dashing in water and a host of other balance tweaks are being implemented. Now if they could just tweak the Marauder enemy by deleting him from the game entirely, that would be an absolute gift.

Beyond those additions, id Software has also confirmed that they’re working to support Battlemode, DOOM Eternal‘s multiplayer offering, with more content, cosmetics and balance adjustments. This is all arriving while the development team are still hard at work on the upcoming Invasion Mode and the game’s first story DLC pack. It’s a pretty great time to be a DOOM fan!


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