DSTV Compact subscribers will be upgraded for the month of May


DStv, in a seemingly constant battle to improve its reputation, is handing out another free batch of channels for its lower-tier subscribers, specifically DStv Compact members. DStv Compact, which comes with 129 channels, gets a handful of new content to explore in May, all for the incredibly low price of free. New channels include Comedy Central, M-Net Binge, kykNET, History Channel, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., CBS Justice, Curiosity Stream, Africa Magic Urban Movies, 1Magic, MTV Music and a whole bunch of extra SuperSport channels that will, probably, not be showing live sport.

“During this time, we aim to keep our customers entertained with the best available local and international content available to us; we are excited that we can give our customers exclusives such as the Somhale’s The Union which was dubbed as the wedding extravaganza of the year,” said DStv PR manager Ntsika Msuthu.

It was also announced that M-Net was extending the lifetime of its new pop-up channel M-Net Binge Home of HBO, which DStv Premium and Compact Plus owners can watch for another two months. The offer closes out on 28 June 2020. Series such as Silicon Valley, Ballers, True Blood, Big Love, Ballers and True Detective will start showing this week from their first season.

(Source: Channel24)



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  1. Give better channels across all packages, u are the worst service provider next to vodacom in this country, u overcharge people, your consultants is the worst to deal with and your channels sucks netflix it is il be happy to pay for better quality n interesting series, movies and geo programs,im done with dstv🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Rosemary Roche on

      How come we who are on the premium package…..pay the most….and get the least benefits……..never get any special concession for remaining on the highest level…..and have to endure endless repeats…..very unfair to your loyal subscribers……really not worth the amount paying

        • What are premium payers getting then since will be on the same level as people who are paying less than we do……we better downgrade so we all pay less and get more…please consider giving premium payers discount then or not pay at all

          • What’s the point of paying more and getting less and someone is getting more and paying less, I don’t understand rationale and logic behind behind this move.Please explain!!!

          • Extra Sports channels for what because there’s no sport in the whole wide world?

          • Agree 100 % how…. What do we get for free… Sweet bugger all and still the same boring stuff but yet like said by many we pay the highest….. Shocking dstv still won’t budge to discount any thing during this covid 19 issue. But cry about how expensive it is to get this movies, series…. What a load of b…. Dust.

          • Thenjiwe Dlungwane on

            Premium subscribers are not considered for anything but price increases and cutting out of channels

          • I totally agree, Dstv should consider granting a discount if you have two premium packages

        • Chris Van Der Berg on

          I agree with an earlier response. We on the premium package get no new benefits. Also we are stuck with repeating programmes over all our channels. Thus paying actually the most to view old programmes over and over. I am really on my last contract with dstv.

        • Dstv truly sucks channels are continuously repeated something I watched 2yrs ago I’m watching again
          Why can’t we have Mnet open during lock down period so we can watch My Kitchen Rules
          The news everytime a new presenter comes on the same news is repeated. I’m really thinking of canceling I canceled my premium package went down to compact still have a problem

          • Ghiyaath Kannemeyer on

            Yes what is there for are premium payers nothing I am also considering to get Netflix and rather streaming my programs compact payers get the best deals unfair

      • Michael Ndlovu on

        The people paying the most are the ones who don’t get any benefits
        How ‘smart’ multichoice 😠😠

          • Are we the only people affected by convid-19 in South Africa, Why are most neigbouring countries in our continent enjoying premium relief for their subscription or Is Multichoice taken advantage of us ??? .Like they always do!!!

        • DSTV is such a big company and such a well recognised company but what’s the use they show sooooooooooooooo many repeats and not only that there is Sooooooooooooooo many new programs and WHAT ABOUT THE NEW MOVIES COME ON WHAT THE HELL ARE WE REALLY PAYING FOR IF WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET TO SEE NEW MOVIES AND SERIES SO DISSATISFIED 😠😠😠😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

        • Lilian Meyersohn on

          Agreed. Why are premium subscribers not receiving a reduction. There’s no sport to broadcast. That’s why we’re on premium. Only lower packages are getting lots of extras and there’s even free Dstv now. Absolutely not on. You need to rethink this

        • Well, I have decided to call it a day with Dstv. I was a loyal subcriber for several years and I am a pensioner. Dstv does not grant any pensioners discount for Premium subcsribers. So, I am
          more then happy to cancel my subscription!

        • I am looking into getting my sport somewhere else, seems that is all they can offer that is new and fresh! Once I have sorted that, I am gone!
          Netflix has great movies and there are so many other movie chaneels and apps.

          • Perci Lekalakala on

            I couldn’t agree with every one more hence I had my subscription suspend for over year before prior to the lockdown because of my children who are home. Otherwise Dstv is not worth the amount we pay, particularly the premium package. So Dstv must fall

        • Your service sucks go to hell for all I care we taking our money to Netflix, service provider that know customer satisfaction

          DSTV must fall 👹👹👹👹👹👹

          • Its a waste of time paying so much to watch repeats,now that its lockdown all age grpups-d elderly,young,toddlers want to be glued to the tv but its only to see repeats,not even new movies, but if we delay in paying a day laterafter due date then they disconnect . I have cancelled my add-on packages due to repeats, reduce the price atleast so everyone can afford it during this lockdown,show us new movies but dont show us repeats.

      • Why only Compact, What about the lower tier customers that have Dstv Acess etc? These are the customers that need the additional channels and are more deserving!

        • I have just give up on DSTV i have just stop paying i am stress free know .DSTV and Multichoice are not serious abour Business ;;;;; plus they are a group of white capitslist that are cold blooded They dont care about customers no value for Money

        • Esther Thetjeng on

          Then the Compact subscribers will watch The River Season 3 and Season 1 at the same time.. NO LOGIC THERE!!!

          • Zamani Gasa on

            Dstv is adding channels because you don’t want to give us a break by cutting price like other big companies in this time of covid 19. We deserve a price cut as there no sport and most of the drama is cut off, it really unfair to pay a full price at this time where some of us are not even back at work.. Plz Dstv stop 🛑 this day light robbery.

        • I’ve just done that yesterday. I downgraded to DStv Access from Compact. I’m pissed off by Multichoice

        • Alfredo Mapoe on

          Please people that’s why this company is taking you all for a ride because you still showing them that you are in need of their service I took my dstv out because they play the same shows over and over again just remove it and put in wifi en download every you want way better.

      • Rubin Daniell on

        I agrée with ROCEMARY ROCHE it is not only 2off us1000s of other viewers that feel as we do to look at the same programme every day, I agrée netflix are a better option

      • Really R400 is a lot of money, dstv compact is not worth the money we pay. Even the extra channels we got are still not cutting it. Lots of rubbish and repeat plus old movies.

      • Kgatishi Lamola on

        Whosoever runs DSTV is delusional, their behavior during this Covid19 left me flabbergasted. Imagine paying full amount for repetitions. That’s not on. It can’t be.

        • Deborah Booi on

          DSTV sucks.why fo we have yo pay more and nothing we get in return,those who pay the lower amount benefits more.im sick and tired of DSTV.my subscription is R519 but end up paying R709 a month .you query to the consultants they so unproffesional they dont even know what they talking .they cant explain anything.i think im done with DSTV we watching the same thing over and over rather go to Netflix

        • Lucille Springbok on

          DSTV sucks. You can keep those extra channels coz its crab. Still watching in 2020 “Why did I get married?” Lots of repetitions. You must up your game please??? Pissed

      • Majority of the African countries got price cuts specials because of this pandemic we facing which makes business sense, I enjoy sports channels and we dnt hv live games at present, I love Gomora, isibaya, the queen all of them will be cut off so y should I pay full amount for dstv? Is south Africa not part of africa where we have almost 50% unemployment rate so why other African countries get special prices but us we don’t get?

      • I agree totally. AGAIN Tonight recent repeat of Midsomer Murders. Saw this episode last week. Stop stealing our money and treating us like idiots. We are intelligent people who want programmes that are thought provoking. Do you know what that is DSTV ?

      • Yes if there was another competitor I would go for it all we get is repeat repeat every single day it’s not worth paying that amount changes should be made

        • Multichoice your time to be out of business is slowly approaching. You guys only think for yourself and less about us who are paying your salaries and keeping you in business…watch the space.

      • Susan Hitchen on

        I totally agree. Also have you ever tried to find out which channels you lose if you downgrade from premium to compact +. It’s impossible

      • AGREED!!!!! Loyal customers are treated like shit! Rather break your contract and sign up for a new one – you’ll be treated better!

    • Errol Mabika on

      Dstv I’m not happy with your charges, R399.00, is a lot of money for what, even these new channels are boring!

    • Karen Ainslie on

      I agree with every aspect of your statement.. It has come the way time for ALL THE VIEWERS, ACTORS.. MEDIA.. To STOP THE THE DSTV GRAVY TRAIN.., overflowing,, milking the Viewers…Even when Standing Still:**(Repeats): ✳️ Not forgetting All the Smoothy Marketing Wording.. Which creates the ILLUSION, of HOW MUCH PEOPLE ARE GETTING.

    • Gaa I can’t stand for this,I tot this will be better than Sabc channels but it looks the same. Repeating of one thing more and more, while I’m paying to much every month iyooh.

    • I agree, what deal are u giving premium subscribers or are we footing the bill for the free viewing for compact subscribers!!!

    • Yesssses and you call that an upgrade,those channels are the worst channels you keep on insulting us neh…bunch of super sport channels that probably not showing live sports. One day you’ll remember us😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    • Dstv wants to charge me for the period between the due date (normally the discontinuation date)
      and the date they actually discontinued the service, they call it the grace period. I did not ask for the ADDITIONAL days, so I should not be held responsible to pay foŕ those days. It was their responsibility to discontinue the service on the due date.
      I am prepared to pay for the reconnection fee of R50,00 so I will pay the amount of R449,00. If you are not prepared to continue the service at R449,00 I will certainly stop my subscription with DSTV
      And take up Openview with immediate effect.

    • Agreed! To pay R1300 per month for repeat rubbish is unbelievable. As a loyal customer since they started 20+ years ago I get absolutely no benefit at all. It’s better to cancel and resubscribe… you get treated better as a “NEW” customer. Same goes for TELKOM, VODACOM, and every other digital company! Unbelievable!

    • Clementine Phillips on

      I signed up for Compact Plus Price lock in 2019. The price without showmax, according to your records is R489. I was billed R649 for over 18months, and this price was including showmax. All of a sudden, since this year Nov, Dstv started billing me R713. How? And I activated showmax in 2019. Looking at your prices for price lock, R649 was actually more than what I was meant to pay, inclusive of showmax. If R649 is the std price, plus R50 it is supposed to be R699. I took price lock because I was going to save. According to my calculations, stand R519 for compact plus, with showmax adds up to R569, which is still less than R649 or R713. Where is the saving in that? Moreover, where is this R713 coming from because R649 plus R50 is R699. I am going to reverse your debit order and you can suspend your service for all I care.

        • I’m paying for 2 decoders but they keep on deactivating my both decoders even after they already did the debit. I have to use my airtime to call them to fix the mistake n sometimes it’s not easy to reach them or u don’t n u have to stay whole day without watching anything

    • So why only compact subscribers… ain’t we all you customers you are full of it shame just open the damn thing for everyone else and let all people pay 110 for rest of lockdown it’s not like there’s anything new there’s no production moes

    • I quit today not soon, this people what they know is to repeat three times movies and comedies and not show us what we are paying for, I’m paying R419 per month just for soccer only, and now that soccer is no more, I quit your dstv next month forget about my R419, am going for Netflix

  2. Martin Potgieter on

    Are we as premuim subscribers going to get the difference between Compact and Premuim, compact are getting it why not is.

      • Castuff Sekgala on

        Dstv is stereotype, why do give customers latitude to choose their own combination of channels of choice, and what we can afford? There is great need for innovative thinking and marketing for win-win situation between Dstv and customers!

    • Bethuel mashego on

      My wife used to like Dstv but now she is starting to see why I say we need to change to netflix. Dstv repetitions of programs is doing a very good Job assisting me with the argument 🙂

      • I have switched to Netflix never been happier plus I saved, DSTV are bullies if they don’t change theyll loose a lot of client’s

    • Chandreka Ismail on

      Yes please lower your subscriptions for premium packages.

      Compact users get upgraded with the same fee. Let premium subscribers pay the fee then of the compact subscribers.

    • Dstv is a real waste of money, and the premium subscriber always end up paying without getting anything in return like the case with those on lower packages getting free upgrades. Dstv will be something of past soon in my household.

  3. Nundhagopaul Munthree on

    Honestly I don’t want any sport channels. Cos there is no sport.. Every channel got same movies every second day.. Nothing new.. We paying Almost R500 for the compact.. I am decided to cancel my contract soon.. DSTV you are peptic..

  4. German Radebe on

    Can you please cut the price, cause we are paying too much for nothing. And give us a chance to select the channels we want.

    • just cut the price and give us the option to choose the channels we need not to have Chinese channels whilst I don’t understand mandarin

    • Zintle Bopi on

      The problem is that we didn’t see how they are robbing us because we were always at work. This needs to stop Dstv must atleast give us variety, you can’t watch the same thing for an entire month it is not correct. At least during this lockdown not only for Compact only more channels be added that we actually watch.

  5. Sagie Govender on

    Thinking of canceling subscription.. Why should we pay for repeat programs and no sports. You guys are creaming the people during these uncertain times.

  6. Consider reducing the prices further due to the fact that there’s nothing to watch on live Sports channels. Please

  7. Why is dstv not offering discounted rates for Premium subscribers because we pay way too much for channels that more than half of us don’t even watch. Now you are getting rid of itv choice which is a better channel than 168 for example. In this time of lockdown you guys have no compassion yet you have made billions off us for decades.

    • Wonderfull you helping compact customers, what about premium, we all struggling in this time, you need to have a look across the board, guys you will lose customers if you not gone look at the bigger picture, either we downgrade or cancel and change to something else.. I am a premium client of dstv and im struggling like everyone to get over..

  8. We pay an enormous amount every month for very old movies that you repeat over and over. If I would watch it, it will be the hundreds time I see it. Please more new drama a d romcom. A d why is there on n Friday and Saturday no new programs or old and low budget movies. Not only my experience, many people say the same.

  9. I reccomend you lower your subscription fees due to the newly pandemic ,we are forced to stay home and so with that reason some of us are unable to earn our monthly income and that has affected our livelihoods so on it will show kindness that will be much appreciated

    • Charles Wanckel on

      We pay almost R1000 per month and yet you are taking off ITV. Dont you care for your subscribers? There will so many leaving dstv because value for our money counts for nothing

  10. Allan Ragaval on

    Upgrade premium subscribers to free box viewing. U bullshitting South Africans with your bullshit repeats.

      • I agree with you Tshepiso 100%, I started using Netflix and movies and series there are endless and I wish I knew before this dstv. Netflix it’s here let them (dstv) deal with it, I’m gone

  11. Mzukisi nicholas Magwaza on

    I don’t really understand why you don’t just lower the prices because I think you can see the customers aren’t getting what they want under the lockdown all of over the globe. Thats all I’m asking for because at this stage we are all on survival mode paying these large amount for TV only doesn’t sit well at all given that some of us aren’t even working at this stage. Please understand DStv people, we can’t control the situation

    • Dstv is useless. I will be canceling as soon as I can get a hold of a consultant. Tried and left msgs but no one contacted us. I see they want to upgrade compact customers. What about the premium bouquet. We should be charged less now that there isn’t live sport. Only repeats. I pay 949 for dstv. Bi should be treated with some respect and called back regarding my query. Useless bunch of morons. I will be using Netflix

  12. What about mnet terrestrial pay nearly R500 a month one channel weekends only repeats no new sport nothing total rip off

  13. Nargesh Mahabeer on

    I am very unhappy with Dstv. I am paying
    So much and only seeing repeats.
    I even got disconnected for late payment knowing it’s was lock down.
    I am a pensioner. And it’s quiet a lot to pay
    I will be leaving soon

  14. samson sm madubeko on

    Its just the same even before this coronavirus thing we were just watching old movies and the worst part you just repeated all the old movies im so disappointed in Dstv

  15. Surely DSTV doesn’t listen to us. I think is time to further downgrade my package. I think paying 29.00 is better since I won’t be complaining about repeats. The channels may be 129 even if you make them 1000 but what is that you’re showing other than repeats. I will watch movies on Netflix.

    • Just imagine…. We are on lockedown…. No work no pay. But the dstv is still demanding 430 for the reapeting of the programs. The only thing that is updated is the news. That means I need to pay 430 for the information of the news so far in south Africa.

  16. Am no longer interested nd happy with DSTV,you can’t even hide that your service is poor nd you robbing us daily,every month I pay for repeats,nd you have repeated same things since last year 2019,ETV channels are better nd free,you only do once off..your service is boring now👎🏾👎🏾

  17. I think after July I’m leaving multichoice. Why did you took channel 161?Give me more because I’m tired of this repeat.

  18. This is a waste of money,watching repeat channels over and over again .I am going to pay 29 rand now,not dstv compact ,it’s a waste of my hard earn money.

    • We premium payers gets the short end of the stick. No concessions or freebees for us. Give us box office movies for free. It only but cost R25 per movie. No hole in your pocket dstv. Your service sucks….. Step up or we will step out….

  19. Karen Ainslie on

    Agree 👍.
    Their “marketing”.. Upgrading, especially the PRICES..We are not Robots.. We can, Think.

  20. Lineo Mathibela on

    Ntsika Msuthu, I really think u need to stop standing by these mediocre statements. DSTV has been repeating serious after serious and movie after movie. I have never been so bored in my entire life. You really need to pull up your socks in the content devision, or u will really feel the social distancing. As i will be one of those distancing myself from your brand.

  21. I am also tired of paying nearly a R1000 for Dstv. So over all the repeats it is now becoming a pain in the butt. We are pensioners and will soon be getting an android and canceling Dstv. Waste of time and money.

  22. Thilivhali Manenzhe on

    Why not fot all packages? Packages under compact literally pay tovwatch repeats and all old stuff, kt really sucks

  23. Patie Ngwenya on

    Dstv you suck the packages have increased only to watch repeats l better take my money to Netflix coz l cant be watching old movies from the 80s and u tink adding these free channels will keep customers happy …yo about to lose customers we are bored n tired of sitting at home but the TV is worse than this pandemic

  24. Agree why must we as Premier customers always get the worst deal. It feels like we are on the lowest package only at a higher cost. It sucks I’m cancel my subscription. Cannot take it anymore.😡😡😡😡😡😡

  25. Mpho Malatse on

    How much is a Compact plus price? I’m paying R629 per month for compact plus. This is too much. From price lock of R529 to 629? I’m thinking of an alternative cos Dstv is taking me for a fool…

  26. George Daniellgg on

    I discontunued my service due to repeats and poor service I paid R819 per month for repeats no sport channels with lockdoun the prices should have been adjusted according to laps of programs I stop talking if every one cancel srevice they will respond to our requests

  27. Too many adverts, too many repeats, older than the hill content, we have to pay TV LICENSES plus the DSTV fee and yet get ripped off on every channel. I think its time to migrate to Netflix… Soon we will say good bye DSTV.

  28. I agree, what deal are u giving premium subscribers or are we footing the bill for the free viewing for compact subscribers!!!

  29. the box office is a rip-off, why do you pre select the movies instead of giving us the option of selecting own choices like in the past when one would walk into a video shop and rent for a video.

  30. the box office is a rip-off, why do you pre select the movies instead of giving us the option of selecting own choices like in the past when one would walk into a video shop and rent for a video.

  31. So the ppl who pays the most gets nothing but the lowest payers gets extra plz explain how the ppl paying your salaries r not getting anything in return for not getting what we paying for.

  32. Just downgraded mine from Compact to Access… R399 to R110 because I got tired of watching repeats. Even news are on repeats.

  33. Dstv u really failed us, they overcharge me for the month of May luckilly i saw that, u mst watch out because your customers are not happy, you are going to loose many because netflix is our solution to this dstv cz what we watch is repeat nd nothing new, we dont care about somizi’s wedding give us something new

  34. Dstv is very worst really it sucks they robbing people their last cents.. Really how come the can’t cut the damn price for few months until people they back on their feeds?, they so very expensive and repeat shows so every day.. They really sucks.. They can’t even gives you an option where by you can select your own channel how in earth you can watch 160 channels is just ripped people their money.. For nothing really useless…

  35. I agree with majority of viewers that dstv suck.i love documentaries only to watch it over ND over again. Really a rip off. Wonder if these c e o really sit down ND watch these repeated crap that they feed us to watch. Unhappy pensioner

  36. Multichoice what about us, your premium subscribers who are stuck in contracts? seeing that you handing freebies to everyone…Or rather,how do I get out of my DStv premium contract?you don’t treat your customers the same..mmmxxmm

  37. Quinton Arends on

    Dstv service is the worse cable tv service you pay for premiere service but get sabc at least sabc gives you new stories not like them old stuff everyday replays , and only reason I paying for premiere service is for the sport but this is also old stuff ,I taught they will show domestic cricket final ,like the besghson and hedges cricket but no it everyday the same are this worth your will or is better to invest in wi fi

  38. Mohammad Haq on

    I agree… I am a premium customer I pay R1300 for the same content… What’s worst is that I’m forced to fork out 35 to 25 bucks to hire new movies from box office increasing my premiums why? Is the 1300 not enough for me to enjoy decent movies and shows? It’s repeat after repeat…..what annoys me is that after forking out to pay to watch a box office movie…. Low and behold 3 weeks later you will find the movie showing on the normal channels… Why should premium customers pay for box office content? It’s a rip off…

    I’m moving to Netflix as soon as this lockdown is over I had enough of paying for poor service I rather spend that money on faster internet and downloads.

  39. sibusiso ntsele on

    Ever since I left dstv for Netflix I’m very happy and my finances can breathe again, best decision I’ve ever made!!

  40. Absolutely true we are paying for nonsense, pure nonsense. Repeating a movie morrr than 5times a day and more for the week.. And your oricedms are beyond high for nothing.

  41. U can complain hwmuch they won’t give a damm cz the rich pays for the entire year the only way they wud listen to us if we go burn tyres infront of there branch and hand them a memo it’s not like we have choices in ths country

  42. They saving on all sport broadcasting rights money yet they increase there premiums play old content and they keep on denying ths who want to watch lethal weapon ,rush hour and all ths old documentaries

    • victor mentor on

      I’m so sick of dstv they playing stuff over and over I had the full package all these years a month ago I was a few rands short they disconnected me have to pay the difference and the R50 reconnect fee I pay that then I say fock them got in firbe internet only pay R400 and now watch what ever I want I feel sorry for the people that work there alot of them gonna loose their jobs over greedy bosses so thanks dstv for ripping us off for all the people that read this go for firbe internet

  43. It’s very unhornesty that we pay a lot of money for the repetitive programs, and you do not considering that. I think the better way for us is to disconnect till everything comes to normal

  44. They just don’t get it or just give a damn & are daring us to unsubscribe. Covid-19 means fewer of us have money, not that we need more of old content to watch

    Either give us discounts or avail payment holidays with no switch off if we can’t pay. That’s how you meaningfully contribute to easing Covid-19 impacts on loyal customers.

  45. Yes I had DSTV but that was two years ago thank goodness I am not with them anymore as they are a total rip off to many RERUNS and they are putting on there is crap it is black programs come on every STATIONS is all about black and not to mention the adds as well.

  46. No live sport, still paying premium rates, very unfair, reduce subscription rates or lose me as a customer, thank you very much

  47. I have just downgraded from premium to compact because of affordability. Upgrading to premium for a month is not going to do anything for my financial situation. I am even contemplating cancelling my DSTV prescription as my children is going to set up Netflix for me. I had the premium packet for my husbandfor the live rugby and cricket matches but l believe that can be obtained elsewhere too. I will miss my food channels and news channels, but paying a R1000 a month for that is totally and utterly rediculous and overprized so thank you Multichoice for the crumbs you throw to us, but its not much of a “multichoice”, we still paying to much for what is on offer.

  48. Castuff Sekgala on

    Dstv is stereotype, why do they not give customers latitude to choose their own combination of channels of choice, and what we can afford? There is great need for innovative thinking and marketing for win-win situation between Dstv and customers!

  49. Clementine Mayekiso on

    Wors part is that you can’t even choose which movie to rent because all the movies that they updated aren’t worth paying for 🤬🤬

  50. I used to be a DSTV subscriber but stopped a few years ago. I think all DSTV subscribers are taken for idiots. Streaming is better. I see all DSTV movies and more. I see all DSTV series and more. I see all DSTV sport and more. All this for less money.

    • Am fucking pissed at dstv.i agree #dstvmustfall.i used to pay R530 every month den i rented 3 movies Plus R100 for pvr so my balance suppose to be R705,,, but when i check how much i owe it says R900 😡😠😡😠😡😠R900 for what💁

  51. I had to make a decision to switch from Dstv to Netflix and turned out to be the best decision of my life and happy with Netflix

    • I’m paying R620 for compact plus. Same shows and movies. Netflix here I come. I’d rather use that money for data and connect multiple devices for everyone… there’s no sports moes

  52. Reghardt Husselmann on

    And that’s why I don’t use DST. I’ll rather pay R169 a Month for Netflix and get More Movies and Series there then what DST have ever played since they opened. I can also watch what I want when I want Netflix Rock during Lockdown even though I’m working. Just saying

  53. Sicelo Ndwalane on

    I have just downgraded from dstv premium to Dstv Compact. I was paying R1019 every month just to watch only 4 channels. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Of watching sub standards content.

    My Next move is to cancel Showmax because now they will charge me R50, and cancel the 2 extra view / access fee and save R200.

    I think what good for me is to get (Rain R250 + Netflix R170)

    Maybe 2 months later cancel Dstv completely.

  54. This is BS!! Premuim customers should almost pay R1000 but compact get more for less?? One day is one day! Some poeple are premuim customers for YEARS and don’t even get R10 discount or a free movie. You are corrupt.

  55. Yes Karen, I fully agree with you 100 % Dstv is crap, they really don’t care about their customers. Netflix we are coming for you

  56. Your service sucks go to hell for all I care we taking our money to Netflix, service provider that know customer satisfaction

    DSTV must fall 👹👹👹👹👹👹

  57. I totally agree with Rosemary and Jeremy multichoice is reaping us. What’s the point in subscribing to premium without any benefits. Unfortunately I can’t leave dstv since my children are hooked to Disney channels and I still have to watch the news. However, first thing in the morning I’m calling multichoice and down grading to compact……😡😡😡😡

  58. Am at pissed at dstv.i agree #dstvmustfall.i used to pay R530 every month den i rented 3 movies Plus R100 for pvr so my balance suppose to be R705,,, but when i check how much i owe it says R900 😡😠😡😠😡😠R900 for what💁

  59. Priscilla Mabusela on

    Downgrade the price to R50, 00 because no income since lock down or totally no payment, I pay R399 is to much for this nowadays.

  60. I have realise how ungrateful and greedy this so cald Dstv is to the nation. In the crucial times where we needed them the most. To watch the program over and over
    Chanel to Chanel. What do you really miss while you are lockdown? They really need competition

  61. I fully agree with all the comments regarding the way DStv are treating the subscribers. We pay for sport and get nothing new. Repeats !!!! But guess what folks…… they don’t listen and don’t give a damn,

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  63. Why you say it free benefit of compact plus channels to compact customers but you charged for compact plus packages.. We did not ask for those channels, we know our budget.. I can not pay over R500 for your repeated channels.

  64. Ghiyaath Kannemeyer on

    Yes what is there for are premium payers nothing I am also considering to get Netflix and rather streaming my programs compact payers get the best deals unfair

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