Apple has implemented a solution that will let you unlock your phone while wearing a face mask


It’s not exactly the most elegant workaround but while everyone is walking with half their head covered, facial recognition software just isn’t cutting it these days. You know what works even when you’re protecting yourself from a virus? That’s right, a pin code!

Look, we know there are more important things to worry about right now but if we’re allowed to just get on our soapbox and moan just a little bit, the inability to unlock an iPhone using facial recognition software while wearing a face mask suuuuuuuuuuucks. It’s just such a little inconvenience made all the more annoying by how small of a problem it actually is. Apparently enough people found it frustrating that Apple is releasing a hotfix for the issue. Kinda.

The patch doesn’t actually change the facial recognition software. Instead, it simply adds the functionality of swiping up on the lock screen to bring up a keyboard so you can enter your pin. Which is…well, I guess it’s the best we can ask for these days. Most modern iPhones have done away with the touch recognition button supported by older models, meaning that facial scans are the most practical way to unlock your phone. Nice to see the iPhone SE bringing the Touch ID feature back but that doesn’t solve the problem now, dammit.

The update has only gone into developer beta today so the rest of us will have to wait just a little longer to have this new, ridiculously simple feature. I feel like we’re overreacting, are we overreacting?

(Source: Gizmodo)


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