The Samsung S20 Ultra’s camera is apparently shattering for no reason


Emphasis on the “apparently”. Several users have logged complaints on an official Samsung forum detailing how the impressive (and large) camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra has shattered despite there being no circumstances that would prompt it to do so. If these reports turn out to be valid, well that’s certainly not a great look for Samsung’s most powerful phone yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a pretty monstrous device, both in terms of what it can do and by way of its actual size. There’s a lot of cool tech stuff into its shell, particularly in terms of its camera, which has obviously given the phone a bit of a bulge on the back. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s something that was clearly taken into account during the design process. Where the problem does come in is when that bump, and the camera inserted in it, starts to fracture apropos of nothing, and when we say “fracture” we mean utterly busted.

This is reportedly what’s been happening to the Galaxy S20 Ultra according to numerous users over on Samsung’s community forums. First reported by SamMobile, complaints were logged and images posted of users who woke up to find the cameras on their phones completely broken. But like, shattered. Like someone drove a nail through them, which is pretty ding dang weird. The actual breakage is so…dramatic one has to wonder how it happened at all.

According to the first user to post an image of their broken camera, they woke up to find the phone in that condition, saying they “don’t know how this has happened.” This sentiment was echoed by other users, all claiming similar incidents. One other user even claims it happened to both them and their husband which is either a freaky coincidence or something more interesting that should be unpacked. It’s impossible to say why this sort of malfunction would happen at all; one user speculates it might have something to do with pent up gas but that seems just a little unreasonable. Can you imagine the amount of concentrated gas to make a hole that precise?

Responding to one of the affected users, Samsung stated, “We are sorry to hear about the crack on your camera lens. Unfortunately, Samsung Phone warranties do not cover cosmetic damage. If you are enrolled in Samsung Premium Care, you can set up a repair at an authorized Samsung Repair Center or Partners,” before going on to mention insurance provided by service providers. You’d think damage like that reported wouldn’t be merely “cosmetic” but apparently that’s the case.

Look, it’s very easy to doctor a photo like those posted and make claims that the phone “broke by itself”, but it’s difficult to really determine the validity of these complaints without actual unaltered evidence. Still, it would be super duper suck if these malfunctions were genuine because the Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t a cheap phone. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this story.

(Source: TechRadar)



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