Call of Duty: Mobile’s World Championship 2020 qualifiers kick off this month, $1 million up for grabs


So you’re sitting around playing video games this lockdown, feeling generally unproductive? Never fear, your spirits are about to be lifted. Call of Duty: Mobile has announced its 2020 World Championship tournament, a $1 million event that kicks off at the end of May this year. But first…

Qualified auditing

First, you have to qualify, with qualifiers starting next week from 30 April and running through to 24 May. But in order to play in the online qualifiers (because nobody’s getting together in large groups for a while — sorry, extraverts), you need to be, er… qualified. In this case, being eligible to enter means you’re older than 18 years of age and are ranked Veteran or better on the game. You also have to “…reside in an eligible region” but Activision hasn’t explained where those are, just yet. It’s supposedly global, so South Africans should be in with a shot.

You certainly want to be eligible to enter, because the Call of Duty: Mobile World Tournament 2020 carries with it a prize pool of $1 million. That’s a decent chunk of change by American standards — by South African standards it’s life-changing.

On registration, players will find themselves earning tournament points over four weekends. Ten ranked matches are what you get to earn at least 80 points and qualify for the second stage. There are a bunch of terms and conditions — you can only play on certain handsets, the use of external peripherals are prohibited and you definitely can’t use an emulator and a desktop PC to play.

You’ve got a few days to practise for the tournament, but keep in mind that everyone else is going to be doing the same. And… there are a few folks with a little more experience so you might want to begin training as soon as possible. Hit up the official website here, and you can find Call of Duty: Mobile on Google Play or on Apple’s App Store. More details on how the rules will work and how prizes will be split between cash and in-game rewards will follow later.


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