Real-time Deepfake AI has given us the gift of Elon Musk gatecrashing a Zoom meeting


Everyone seems to enjoy experimenting with deepfake technology. This year alone we’ve been blessed with some absolute gems, including this clip from Back to the Future starring Tom Holland and Robert Downey Junior, all achieved through the most convincing face-replacement technology we’ve seen to date. Yet that was all pre-rendered fun.

We’ve seen quite a few deepfake breakthroughs of late but this real-time AI-driven deepfake technology is maybe the most impressive example to date. And it’s all live, which is exactly what programmer Ali Aliev has had his sights set on.

Aliev posted a rather adorable prank he pulled with some super impressive deepfake technology, invading some stranger’s Zoom meeting as controversial yet always entertaining billionaire and inventor Elon Musk. The technology he’s using is called Avatarify and unlike other software that use pre-rendered footage to superimpose faces, Aliev’s program does the whole thing in real-time. Don’t get too excited about using the software though. You’ll reportedly need a super powerful PC to run the whole setup.

At the time of writing, Avatarify has a few faces to choose from, including Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and even Harry Potter. So if you’ve got a rig powerful enough to run Avatarify and you have a file of images of Prince Charles’ face, you could have a pretty entertaining weekend.

(Source: TNW)


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