Takealot wants to stay open during the lockdown, do we need it?


After the President’s national address on the threat of COVID-19 this week, businesses are preparing for the imminent lockdown of the country. From the address, it is clear that only essential services will continue throughout this volatile time in SA. Does Takealot fall into this category?

You would think so, right? At a glance, Takealot offers a vital service, especially considering we want to minimise human interaction. Online shopping is the safest way to go about buying essentials. 

According to a recent post on the online retailer’s social media channels, it hopes to keep operating through the three-week Covid-19 lockdown. “We believe that we can play an important part in the lives of South African’s during this time, supplying essential goods to your doors in a manner that is safe and secure and we trust that the authorities will agree with us,” the notice reads. 

We would like to argue that authorities should agree, but considering the amount of delivery personnel that are employed by the retailer, it might pose a significant risk to them. Going out and delivering to numerous households during a lockdown is not exactly ‘safe’. Considering the circumstances. 

The essential services Pres Ramaphosa mentioned in his address included hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets. Is Takealot a supermarket? Not really, eh.


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  1. I think that it is totally unfair that they want to stay open. We all sell the same products that they sell, but we have been forced to close. It gives them a total advantage over all the retail stores that have to close. Totally unacceptable..
    I am not allowed to go to my store and use a courier to deliver.

  2. Well I order most of my toiletries /cleaning items/ some foods (some times they will have awesome deals on noodles, honey, etc) from them and since they are a lot faster than Pick n Pay id to be sad to see them go, However, if their staff at such risk Id rather wait before I order.

    • Muaza mehtar on

      Due to the safty of yur yurs and ours why don’t just do delivery after the lockdown it will be safe on both sides

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  4. “… but considering the amount of delivery personnel that are employed by the retailer, it might pose a significant risk to them.” Supermarket personnel are surely at greater risk considering the contact they have with the general public is far greater than the delivery staff.

    Deliveries can be made with no human contact. The driver has the order number, delivery address and phone number. An SMS is sent to the recipient who has to reply with the order number and delivery address. If they match, the driver leaves the parcel at the gate or front door. Only when they have left, will the parcel be taken inside. POD can be done by leaving a printed copy of the order at the drop-off point.

  5. As a senior citizen and a person at high risk of exposure, I will most definitely need online delivery. Delivery staff can leave goods at the front door and avoid contact. Staff must also be provided with masks, gloves and sanitizer. All of the precautionary measures must be adhered to. Please do not compare retail stores with online shopping which is a much safer option for all of us who are at high risk of contracting Covid-19. Let us concentrate on flattening the curve instead. Yes, we urgently need Takealot to remain open.

  6. takealot should be reported to the competition board.
    Totally unethical business practice when every other small business is on lockdown, they decide to stay open.
    When no one has jobs #takalot (#takeitall) who will you sell to then.
    Take the profit, and thank you for being part of the community.

  7. I think that Takealot should stay open. I just received a package from them yesterday, which was delivered to my house and there was absolutely no contact between myself and the man who delivered my package. I feel that this is safer than going out in public to get to a supermarket. As long as there are rules such as the driver sanitizers before dropping off the package, you sanitize before receiving the package, the driver leaves the package at your door or gate and you only go out to get it once they leave, then I believe it is possible for Takealot to remain open.

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