New MacBooks to reportedly move back to scissor-switch keyboards


The transition back to scissor-switch keyboards follows years of Apple insisting that everyone actually wants butterfly keyboards despite them consistently and objectively being the absolute worst. Life does have little miracles, doesn’t it?

Just last week we reported that Apple was hard at work on a whole new range of products, including a new 14.1″ MacBook Pro, a 27″ iMac Pro and a 7.9″ iPad Mini. While the development of all those products was still under speculation, we’re still fairly confident the they exist considering that the information came from a leaked research note from industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The news that this new range of MacBook Pros will feature a classic keyboard design comes from the same source.

The rumbling once again comes from Ming-Chi Kuo who believes that the new MacBook Pros will return to the classic scissor-switch keyboards. First appearing on notable Apple leak website MacRumours, the implementation of these keyboards may come along even sooner though as there’s a possibility the current 13″ MacBook Pros start shipping with the updated keyboards before the 14.1″ versions are released. If these rumours are true it’ll be the first time Apple has shipped laptops without butterfly keyboards since 2016.

One can only hope that Kuo’s sources are correct because anyone that’s come within clicking distance of the current MacBook Pro’s butterfly keyboard knows how frustrating it can be. While it’s no doubt a satisfying “clickity-clackity” mechanism, the keys are often just too fragile for extended use, especially if you’re a heavy typer. Cross your fingers and pray for some scissor-switches.


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