Build bricks instead of smashing them as LEGO Mario is officially announced


The collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo will see the world’s most famous plumber, hopped up on mushrooms, making his LEGO debut. What form that will be taking is currently unknown as our only basis for this announcement is rather cryptic tweet sent out by the two companies…

While it seems like the most natural relationship on the outside, there’s something far more sinister going on here. Hear us out, it makes sense that Nintendo and LEGO would work together. Two brands renowned for bringing joy to children every where, evoking smiles and nostalgia with all of their products. That part’s fine.


LEGO is all about building with bricks. Mario, as has been established within the canon of the mushroom kingdom over the decades, loves destroying bricks. It’s how he gets all his power, right? So why would LEGO, which is made of bricks, join forces with a man who’s known for turning bricks into pebbles?

For money, of course. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a Mario themed LEGO set? At least, that’s what we think the companies are doing with their collaboration. All we currently have to go on is a tweet sent out by Nintendo reading, “Something fun is being built!” while LEGO posted the same short video while stating, “It’s-a me, LEGO Mario!”

The actual video doesn’t reveal much at all other than a fleeting glimpse of a LEGOfied Mario and, can we just say something? He looks CREEPY. That sly grin, blank eyes (from what we can see) and just general…aura is exceptionally scary. Is that just us? Yeah, probably.

Whether this turns out to be an actual Mario themed set of LEGO or some kind of video game adaption, as LEGO is known to do, remains to be seen. This wouldn’t be the first time Mario has crossed over with a different franchise as the jumping plumber joined forces with Ubisoft’s Rabbids a few years ago for a surprisingly decent game.


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