You’ll be able to stream all of DStv’s channels for a weekend as Multichoice runs server tests


Multichoice and DSTV have announced that all subscribers will be able to watch all available channels, regardless of their current package, via online streaming this coming weekend. Starting from 13 March and ending 16 March, even lower-tier subscribers will have access to every channel on the service as long as they’re willing to stream them.

With DStv vowing to make the great leap into online streaming, it makes sense that they’d probably want to ensure that their infrastructure is in place to cater for what is expected to be a massive amount of people flooding the servers. In order to test just how ready Multichoice is to launch its own platform, the company has announced that all of its channels on DStv will be available for the weekend to all subscribers with an internet connection.

It should be noted that this offer only applies to customers that have already subscribed to DStv but does include all subscribers no matter what tier you’re currently paying for. So that’s all you folks with DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family and DStv Access. Get ready for a weekend of dozens of channels but absolutely nothing to watch!

All you’ll need to take advantage of all those pointless channels is the DStv Now app and an internet connection fast enough to stream video. One could presume that this free weekend will act as a test for DStv’s imminent streaming service, which is still unnamed, but has been discussed as being “dishless DStv”. This will also mark Multichoice’s first 2020 server test after the disastrous events of last year which saw DStv Now crash during the final episode of Game of Thrones and throughout the Rugby World Cup.

Considering that Niclas Ekdahl, CEO of MultiChoice’s Connected Video division, stated towards the end of 2019 that the company was looking at launching “dishless DStv” before the end of its’ financial year and more specifically towards the end of March 2020, it’s possible this free weekend is the final test before launch. That’s just speculation of course, although we’ll definitely keep an ear open for any DSTV Now related announcements between this weekend and then.


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  1. Hendry Mathews on

    I still waiting on the answer why are we not qualify for the exsplora with the wifi but we are a regular customer who pay every month my bill

    • Cidya Mwacha on

      This dstv is always useless.we pay alot of money but they keep repeating the same programs all years.Netflix is the best, fist is cheap,any one can afford,it has alot of new shows everday.and if you get unlimited rain internet you will find out is even cheaper than dstv. Its only 250 per month mhb plus 139 Netflix so why cant you enjoy Netflix? You will regret why you didnt know this sooner
      Go to Hell Dstv.😠

  2. sandile gabela on

    I started watching DSTV online from the 2nd March when my package was closed. I watched all channels free of charge. But on the 7th I paid my package and went back to TV.

  3. Maria Williams on

    Why bother how in the hell if you can’t afford to pay for the full package, you can afford to watch it online what a joke. Who do you think you are taking our people for a ride, cause you know for certain the poorest can afford to watch online.

  4. I am still waiting for a phone call about my dstv there is another account on my name and my dstv is off this is going on now for 6 months already no one is doing any thing about it

    • Hi my name james I also have a problem similar to yours, lm tired the way dstv is treating us as customers even if the mistake is from their site they will not call you. I spent more than 10000 yearly on dstv only.they really need a competition

    • André Beytell on

      Blake and Partners will give you a call soon about so called “outstanding fees”. I am currently one of their victims as I have suddenly became “Premium Subscriber” where I have been a Compact Plus subscriber all along.

  5. I left dstv because of their unprofessional conduct towards customer accounts.
    They were double billing me for 3 months and made countless calls to get it sorted . Every time I call they promised to fix it but avail. Then I paid the single bill and they disconnected my service .
    Go hang a million times dstv. I watch lots of stuff on other media now

  6. Apparently the episodes of soapies iam watch on Mzantsi magic are far behind and yet I ha e Dstv compact tell me why

  7. Smangele mbanjwa on

    My kids told me to stop paying Dstv 😲i was shocked because kids love TV but they say it repeat every.. We know every on tv mom don’t pay…

  8. I cancelled my premiums package and asked for a better deal and was told with this and that package u can only watch soccer I am not a fan off soccer and it was better for me to cancel and they are getting more and more expensive and you watch programs over and over it the same as Netflix movies over and over so bye dstv not again

  9. Again the DSTV MNet subscribers will not get this benefit…even though our subscription cost is more than some of the cheaper packages mentioned here.
    Yes, the MNet package still exists.

  10. Smangele mbanjwa on

    Dstv is reaping us off…. That is all i can say ive been paying over 20 years… I never see repeat like this in my life…. The movies are boring every thing it came back from 2 years Rocky 😥really its not funny anymore think about people you will lose and money please consider us as human

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