Samsung may be working on a Lite version of the Galaxy Tab S6


While usually reserved for Samsung’s Galaxy flagships, rumours swirling around the mill are that a Lite version of the Tab S6 is currently in development. Of course, if one were to buy a Lite version of a Tab S6, you might as well just buy a phone instead, but I guess having a Lite anything is pretty trendy.

The appeal for something like the Tab S6 is the raw power built into the device. It’s bigger, beefier and just a whole lot more of Samsung for anyone who needs a little more bang for their buck than what you’d expect to find in a standard mobile phone. Yet maybe you want something bold and large but not too beefy? Then, if rumours are to be believed, the Tab S6 Lite is made for you.

Originally shared by Android Headlines, details on an upcoming Lite alternative to Samsung’s latest in the Tab range have leaked and they lay out some fairly interesting changes. Most surprising is that the size of the device will remain unchanged from the original, meaning the Lite in question is referring to the internals of the device which have been downgraded to mid-range but still decent specs.

The Tab S6 Lite will reportedly feature a Exynos 9611 chip (probably a Snapdragon 600-series in the US), 4GB of RAM and 64GB to 128GB of storage. Another interesting change, according to the leaked image, is the S Pen which appears to be too large to actually fit into the device. So maybe the stylus will be an optional add-on?

Beyond the specs and the image, little else is known about the Tab S6 Lite. It’s likely that the device will launch at a much lower price point than its bigger brother but what that price may be is complete speculation.


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