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Wouldn’t you like to know?

The March 2020 issue of Stuff Magazine is on shelves today, which means that you all have another instalment of ‘What tech do I need this month?’ And this month is a biggie. 

Introducing *loud vuvuzela noises*… the Stuff Awards issue! You know what that means… we’ve scoured the gadget launches and analysed all the reviews. Just to show you what is considered the best of the best tech from 2019. What do you reckon won best smartphone of 2019, or best overall gadget, or best speaker? You definitely won’t know until you get your hands on this issue of Stuff… Wink Wink. 

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Get ready for all ze apps! We know, we know — we just did the App Awards issue in Jan/Feb 2020. But there are more apps to review, which means y’all are gonna hear about them. Check out our 100 Best Apps feature this month to decide between the best photo editor apps or our fave music streaming/mixing apps. We even look at some of the best mobile games out there right now, as well as personal performance-boosting apps. You never know what you’ll find when you actually look for it, fam. So make sure to download each and every app we recommend and delete it zoom after because you rarely ever use it…

Stuff Awards means the best tech cheecken has come to roost, or something. This month (like every year around this time) we look at all of our favourite toys from the past year. Then we have them battle it out cock-fighting style, after which the winner is given a brand of Stuff’s gadgets of the year. Our Stuff Awards look at everything from the best smart home gadget, the best headphones, our favourite TV gadget and even readers’ winners. Yeah — apparently you all also got in on the action and put your imaginary money on one certain device — which one will it be?

Ready for some 8K gaming and a fierce battle of the consoles? The Xbox Series X makes its debut in our magazine as the official pics of the next-gen console became available. What do you think of the specs on this bad boy? Will it be able to outperform Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5? Find more details in the magazine, fren.


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