Motorola may finally give Samsung some competition in the stylus phone market


Samsung’s long had things its own way in one very specific section of the smartphone market — the Galaxy Note is relatively unique as devices go. But there may finally be competition on the horizon if a new leak from Motorola proves to be accurate.

Prolific leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) posted an image of a new Motorola device that might finally give the chaps marketing the Galaxy Note something to do. Moto’s got designs on its own smartphone featuring a stylus, meaning that Samsung won’t be the only gig in town for much longer.

Sketchy details

There aren’t any details to accompany the leak, just a tantalising image of a Motorola Android handset along with a two-tone stylus. It looks like the stylus fits into the body of the handset, though it’s not as refined as Samsung’s option.

There’s a hole-punch camera up front and the design looks about as generic Android are you can get. Which is typical Motorola. There are hints of Android 10 in the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen. There’s no sign of the rear of the device, yet, and other specs… should be along shortly if history is any guide.

There’s no way to tell, yet, whether this unnamed handset will be an Asia-only or international release. There’s also no sign whether this’ll be a premium or budget device. If it’s premium, though, hopefully Samsung’ll be looking over its shoulder a little.

Source: @evleaks via Engadget


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