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It’s time for Stuff’s annual Gadget Awards, where we look back at the year and devices that were in 2019. That were… lots of things. Were awesome, were epic, were well worth buying. And while there’s a whole lot of debate going on at Stuff Towers, there’s a little bit that we don’t do ourselves. That’s where you come in.

Just as with the Reader Smartphone of the Year, we’re asking you, the viewer, to get involved. The extent to which you do that is up to you but we’d really like you to vote on what you think the Reader’s Gadget of the Year award should be for 2019. We’ve put a list together and it’s packed with amazing tech but there’s also another, blank section. If you feel we’ve left something out, let us know. If we get enough of those… well, guess what happens?

Simple as it gets

All you need to do in order to get your favoured brand/device/car/gadget to the head of the class is to hit up the form below, choose your fave, and then give us your name and email address. We don’t wanna use ’em for anything, we just wanna make sure there isn’t a brigading situation going on. You know how it is. Justin Bieber might think it’s cool but we’re not convinced.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the form to get to the Submit button.


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