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The 1More Stylish True Wireless Earphones offer beautiful sound quality (if you like that bass good and deep), quick recharging and practical storage. They also come in either black, rose gold or hot pink -- so the choice is absolutely yours to be either goth, a fairy princess or a goddamn unicorn. 

  • Battery Life 8
  • Sound 8
  • Water-durability 5
  • Portability 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.7

As much as you hate the OG Airpods made by Apple, true wireless earbuds will become the market norm within a few years. But, you certainly don’t need wires with exceptional sound and noise cancellation… except if you’re prone to losing them. 

Side note: Listen to this song while reading this review

Ever since Apple released the AirPods, many companies have tried (and failed) to get that combination right: great sound quality and ease of use. And after reviewing so many wireless earphones, it would be fair to say we were sceptical about the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earphones.

They’re not exceptionally expensive, come from a relatively unknown brand in the audio market and look very big and bulky at first sight. All that said, we weren’t expecting much in terms of audio quality and ease of use from these buds. We were wrong.

Stay, bud. Stay.

Out of the box, the 1Mores look quite bulky but feature a clean and simplistic design. The case is small enough to fit in a pocket, and is perfectly oval. 

If there’s one thing we prefer on the 1Mores that the Airpods lack it’s the secure cradle that holds the silicone ear tips, along with an O-hook that hold them firmly. The buds click into place with a satisfying drop via magnets. 

Into the ear they go then. Honestly, we prefer the silicone ear tips, while a few people may be allergic to silicone, it’s still our preferred ear-plug. They sit securely in the lughole, and although they’re slightly more chunky than we’d like, they’re light enough not to feel like they’ll drop to the tar on a jog. 

The range of ear tips mean they’ll fit even the biggest of ear canals, and even during the highest stresses of bumpy car trips and full-on sprinting, you can be sure they won’t budge no matter what.

On the topic of cardio — these earbuds offer basic water and sweat resistance. But they aren’t fully waterproof, so you’ll have to go for a swim without their assistance. Each bud has a button for music playback and accepting calls, but you can’t control volume from the buds themselves. 

Big boy specs

Boy, do these buds last. Considering the price point, we expected mediocre battery life and specs. Turns out, these will last around 4-5 hours before needing more juice. And you know what? We’re totally cool with that. With the fast-charge onboard, you can get around 3 hours’ of playback with a quick 15-minute recharge. 

The Bluetooth chip packed into each earbud comes with both aptX and AAC audio transmission, meaning it has been optimised to the best output across both iOS and Android devices. It’s a nice addition to make the most of the audio levels from tiny hardware. 

Each bud is fitted with a 7mm dynamic driver, and they’re made out of a titanium composite that delivers sound with low latency. The bulky size is utilised to the max too, making space for the custom made, laser-shaped antennae in each earpiece. 

Using its 32-ohm impedance, music sounds incredibly balanced on the out-of-the-box EQ. Listening across a range of music genres, we experienced very well-balanced audio output — perfect for anyone who’s into deathcore as well as country, we reckon. 

There’s a connection

We’re always incredibly sceptical when it comes to audio quality on in-ears. It doesn’t always work the way the designer intended and they’re prone to audio leakage. We can’t have the whole office know we like Miley Cyrus’ new song, now can we?

But the 1Mores offer clear sound with minimal leakage. They don’t have native noise-cancelling, but to a good job on keeping outside sounds outside, and inside sounds in ya ear. They no doubt offer a nicely balanced soundscape, which can get a bit bass-heavy. But everyone likes bass, right? Right??

They connected via Bluetooth very easily from the start, and we tested them on smartphones as well as notebooks. If they’re not used for a set amount of time, they’ll disconnect to save battery. But you’ll have to reconnect them. 

You’ll probably realise that we mostly used these for music playback (and the occasional audiobook/podcast, of course) because the 1Mores mostly fall flat when it comes to call quality. Like most true-wireless buds, the microphone is located at the back of each earbud. Which means that they capture more of the world around you than they do your voice, which may put you in a tricky situation if you’re hiding from someone… 

1More Stylish True Wireless Earphones Verdict

You know what? If you’re not looking for the noise-cancellation chops of the Sony WF-1000xm3’s, and can’t quite afford AirPods quite yet — these are an absolute steal. 

The 1More true wireless buds offer beautiful sound quality (if you like that bass good and deep), quick recharging and practical storage. They also come in either black, rose gold or hot pink — so the choice is absolutely yours to be either goth, a fairy princess or a goddamn unicorn. 

Yeah, granted the call quality isn’t up there with the big guns, but who even makes calls anymore? Right? Send me a voice note if you’re really into me. 

You can get the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds now for anywhere between R1,400 and R1,800 depending on the retailer. 


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