Alienware reveals a handheld gaming PC called Concept UFO, and… this looks familiar


It looks like Dell’s gaming brand, Alienware may have taken more than a few hints from the Nintendo Switch. The company revealed what is probably the coolest mobile gaming PC device we’ve seen, and it’s called the Concept UFO prototype. If the future of gaming looks like this, we don’t mind. 

Alienware’s Concept UFO is a Windows 10 gaming tablet that’s fitted with an 8in, 1900×1200 resolution display. Much like the Switch, all the main components are crammed into the tablet, with two controllers that slide onto each side. It also has a ‘hub’ for the controllers, which (also like the Switch) is used to dock both controllers and reveal a larger controller unit. 

As you’d expect, it sports the sleek and clean lines of Alienware’s design esthetic. If you’ve ever seen the Alienware Area 51-range of gaming notebooks, you’ll recognise the angular lines and opaque whites. Pair it with some (non-negotiable by today’s standards) RGB lighting and you’ve got one good looking handheld. 

It doesn’t look like these are ready to roll out to the public yet though — it’s clearly just a concept being shown off at CES 2020. We’re sure as components become smaller, this is where PC gaming may be heading. And we’re ready. 

Source: The Verge


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