Stuffed Ep 30 – Developing digital skills in South Africa with Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams


It is a really interesting time, with technology developing at a quick rate in Africa. Next, we need to develop the skills of people in Africa to adapt with tech, and that’s what SA’s ministry of communications has set out to do. 

Toby Shapshak speaks to Minister of Communications Stella Ndabeni about the development of digital skills in our country. The government has partnered with a US online education platform to bring important skills to South Africans at a fraction of the cost. The ministry has also managed to zero-rate the platform with mobile operators in the country, so accessing courses won’t require any mobile data. 

Technology can change our lives, and developing skills for these technologies is of utmost importance. “What is it that we need to do to get our people ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”

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