British madman makes a working version of Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, using a chainsaw


We’re pretty sure that noted British lunatic/superhero Colin Furze has some sort of secret underground shed where he makes all sorts of creative weapons of mass destruction. And that his ‘projects’ are funded by his relatively normal stuff. Like this RIP-Tire, normally wielded by Overwatch‘s Junkrat.

Let ‘er RIP

The process of turning a single tyre, along with a chainsaw, into a functioning accessory from a video game looks… deceptively simple. We’re quite aware it’s anything but, since there’s a high degree of precision needed to execute this build. And then there’s the need to not turn it into a lethal weapon. We reckon going with the static spikes was a good move… and not just because it’d make it hard for the tyre to roll. If those bits were spinning, the possible carnage would be fantastic. In a bad way.

Colin’s all about safety, when he’s making things that shoot fire, take off, or just loom ominously, but you have to remember that this is also a guy who just installed a remote-control chainsaw inside a tyre and then sent it screaming around his back yard. That’s not the sort of neighbour that you get into an argument with.

Happily, we don’t live next door. We just get to watch him on YouTube. Where, in the meantime, here’s his RIP-Tire spinner, made from a 600cc motorcycle. The aftermath from that one drops later this week. Furze also has something new and Star Wars-related coming soon. We can’t wait to see how it potentially explodes.

Source: Colin Furze (YouTube)


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