Light Start – Hot sauce jet, home-grown hoverbike, DNA storage, and Alicia Vikander


GE has made a hot sauce and it’s going to make your head explode

Hot SauceWhen you think of hot sauce you think of Tabasco or one of the other big names. GE… typically isn’t high on that list. But they should be, as they’ve made and released their own hot sauce called 10^32 K (the K is for Kelvin) and they’re claiming that it’s hot enough to require a jet-engine grade canister to contain its eye-boiling effects. And they’re right. The sauce uses the Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, both of which can measure over 1 million on the hotness-rating Scoville scale. Just for reference, those jalapeño chillies you’re so fond of? Those clock in at 5,000 on the Scoville scale. We kinda know why GE are encasing this hot sauce (which is sold out already) in a silicon carbide and nickel alloy tube now.

Source: Thrillist

Famous madman creates his own hoverbike and survives the ride

Colin Furze is a maniac. And we like that about him. His latest contraption is a hoverbike, build using a couple of weeks, a couple of engines and a couple of fan blades that look like they could remove a leg. And, since there isn’t enough lift to do more than get the pilot off ground, they’ve left out safety features and steering. But they do add neon lights and a fireworks launcher, so that’s all right. Seriously though, hit up Colin’s YouTube channel at the link below and see some of the other crazy contraptions he’d built. The rocket launcher that removes his socks (using an actual rocket) and the thermite cannon are particular favourites in the Stuff offices.

Source: Colin Furze (YouTube)

One day, you will be the SD card – Microsoft is getting experimental with DNA storage

DNAMicrosoft has long been an experimental company, even if we haven’t seen a whole lot of those innovations in their retail products. Hopefully that  will change, as they’re making headway in the field of DNA storage. Kinda. They’re buying 10 million strands of artificial DNA from a company called Twist Bioscience in order to investigate using DNA as a storage medium. And we’d want to, as a gram of DNA equates to 1 zettabyte of storage, more or less. The idea works and had been demonstrated but reading and writing data the same way that SSDs or hard drives do is a tougher proposition. Don’t expect an iPhone to launch with a DNA-drive in the next ten years but after that…?

Source: via Ars Technica

Alicia Vikander is the new face of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider film reboot

Tomb RaiderReboot? It’s a reboot, right? Or an origin story, or something. There’s a new Tomb Raider film coming and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s going to deal with the same material (possibly) as the recent Square Enix reboot game that got so much love from everybody. Basically, Lara Croft is young, untested and put into peril. Whether they’re going to be going for the exact same storyline is unknown but we do know the actress who will be bringing the British adventurer to life. They’ve chosen Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, from Ex Machina and other films, to fill the role. She’s got the look right, now they just need to not screw the script up. The previous Tomb Raider films, starring Angelina Jolie, were a decent representation of what the games were at the time so as long as Warner and MGM can improve on those, we’ll be just fine.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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