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Sony announces cinema-heavy Xperia 1 flagship at Mobile World Congress 2019

It's the smartphone lover's favourite time of the year. Barcelona, Spain plays host to Mobile World Congress, where much of the world (except Apple) shows off what's new (in the near-future distant future) in mobile tech. This morning was Sony's crack at showing off what's coming and we were there to get all the details. 

Sony Xperia Touch review: Great idea, terrible result

Bring it on Tony Stark, we’re inching closer to touchscreen surfaces, one intriguing prototype at a time. The Sony Xperia Touch is the first one to come to market in South Africa, and — more importantly — the first to arrive on our desks for testing. The Xperia Touch generated plenty of hype when it was teased a few years back, and the eventual commercial version has some nifty feature...[Read More]

Sony’s trio of mid-range smartphones, headed by the XA2U, land in SA in April

Stuff Magazine got an early look at the upcoming trio of Android mid-rangers from Sony’s Xperia lineup: The Xperia XA2 Ultra, the Xperia XA2, and the Xperia L2 — all upgrades on the existing XA Ultra, XA and Xperia L handsets. And we’ve got the likely South African launch date too. Expect these to drop on 2 April 2018. All three look to be significant updates on their preceding m...[Read More]

How to play PS4 games on your Android smartphone

The ability to play on Sony’s PS4 console remotely isn’t a fancy new tech trick. PS Vita and Sony Xperia smartphone users have been able to tap into this particular pleasure for quite some time, but now, thanks to a little bit of tech wizardry, a lot more people can get in on the action. That’s right – a version of the PlayStation Remote Play app has been modified to work w...[Read More]

Sony’s launched three Z5 handsets and yes, one has a 4K display

Once upon a time the great race in mobile was to build the phone with the most megapixels to its name. Now the race seems to be for the highest resolution display. Enter Sony and the Z5 Premium, its new phablet-style smartphone with the 4K UHD display the rumours suggested we could expect and, of course, the ability to shoot 4K video, too. With a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels and a 5.5-inch dis...[Read More]

We’ll be seeing Sony’s newest Xperia next week

It’s almost time to put all of the Sony rumours to rest, with the Japanese smartphone maker teasing the reveal of what looks to be a new Xperia flagship on 2 September this year – just around the time this year’s IFA conference in Berlin kicks off. Sony’s blurry teaser promises ‘greater focus’, no doubt touting the camera in the upcoming handset-to-be-revealed l...[Read More]

Looking for a moddable mobile? Sony’s range might be for you

Some people are never happy with what they have. And who can blame them, when it comes to mobile phones. Sometimes the version of Android you really, really want just isn’t going to be made for your model, sometimes you’re just after something new. Which is where custom ROMs (as well as the frustration, time required, patience needed and oh-crap-I-bricked-it that comes with them) come ...[Read More]

Sony Mobile launches underwater Xperia store in Dubai

What’s the best way to show off a waterproof range of mobile phones and tablets computers? Put them in an underwater store, of course. Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa has done just that with its Xperia Aquatech Store located at The World Islands off the coast of Dubai. The underwater concept store is four metres below the surface and showcases Sony’s latest Xperia devices and accessories. Visit...[Read More]

Sony planning fewer smartphones and TVs after falling sales

If you’re a fan of Sony’s Xperia smartphones (like we are), then you might be disappointed to hear that the company plans on making fewer of them due to lagging sales. Sony said it would refocus on high-end phones back in September, but has now clarified that it will condense its overall lineup in an effort to make fewer, more profitable devices. While sales could drop as much as 30% with this new...[Read More]

Sony dropping low-end phones to focus on their high-spec devices

Sony hasn’t been having a very good time of late when it comes to financial reports, posting a substantial loss in the past financial year but they forecast that a cool 50 million smartphones would be sold by the end of March 2015 to make up for it. But they’ve unfortunately had to cut that prediction, by several million handsets according to a WSJ report. As a result, and coming on th...[Read More]

Xperia Z1 successor rumoured to support 4K video recording

We’ve caught up on some rumours doing the rounds on the interwebs about what might be the successor of the Xperia Z1. Codenamed Sirius, or D6503, and running on Android KitKat, the phone’s most notable feature will be the ability to capture videos at an eye-caressing 4K resolution, perhaps giving us all a better reason to buy a 4K TV. The Sirius has some other features that, if they are included i...[Read More]

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