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Fujifilm opens its overhauled Innovation Centre to the public

Fujifilm South Africa recently revealed its brand new Innovation Centre based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

Tremble before the might of the Intel Core i9 X Series

It’s not often that we geek out over individual computer components. Okay, maybe a little, at home, when no-one is looking. But the Core i9 X Series, a new slice of silicon from Intel that was announced at this year’s Computex, is worth a public squeal of delight (or two). That’s because the Core i9 X Series is going to put the Core i7 range to shame, especially if flagship flagc...[Read More]

No prizes for guessing LG’s X Cam and X Screen phone features

At this rate, LG’s not going to have anything to reveal at its MWC press conference – it just announced two new mid-range phones, a week ahead of the show. The X-Series will borrow high-end features from the as-yet-unannounced G5, at a more affordable price. You’ll have to pick which feature you want the most though; each phone only gets one. The X Screen pilfers the Always On Di...[Read More]

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