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We have twenty new Netflix gift card winners right here

You know how this goes — someone gives us something to give away, and we give it away. With (almost) no strings attached. Our latest stringless wonder is a fine set of Netflix gift cards. Twenty of them, to be precise, worth R250 each. And we’re giving each one of them to a different winner, so they can Netflix and whatever for at least a month. Possibly two and a bit, if you’re ...[Read More]

Google Play Store announces best apps of the year

Oh, the end of the year — when retailers get the red, white and green decorations out of the storeroom, end-of-year parties are badly attended, and awards are given to the best tech of the year. Ask us, we’re grinding to get the Stuff Gadget and App of the Year awards sorted before the Christmas spirit befalls us. The Google Play store has crowned its favourite apps of the year — and w...[Read More]

South Africa is the real winner with the MTN Business App of the Year Awards

The MTN Business App of the Year Awards is a chance for enterprising app developers to gain recognition and reward for their work but as important as it may be for the devs – who do a fantastic job year after year – it’s the folks who don’t really do much in the initial stages who get the most benefit. Previous winners include Shyft, Domestly, Wumdrop, and Live Inspect – all services that have gon...[Read More]

The five readers heading to Solo: A Star Wars Story with Stuff are…

Oh man, this was one of the roughest competitions Stuff has run in a long, long time. We’ve never wanted to give everybody the prize more than we wanted to today. Just like a deca-Highlander, though, there can be only ten. In the shape of five sets of double tickets to Solo: A Star Wars Story, that is. No swords (or light sabers) are involved. And those five sets of tickets have now got home...[Read More]

We have three new SNES Classic Mini winners and their names are…

We know that everyone has been watching this one, hard. A while ago we told everyone that we were giving away three Nintendo SNES Classic Mini consoles — one each to one winner on each of our social media platforms. That’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for those who haven’t been paying attention. And we’ve come to the big day at last, when we announce the trio of lucky ...[Read More]

These five lucky winners (plus partners) are heading to xXx: Return of Xander Cage

xXx: Return of Xander Cage is the sort of movie where you leave your brain at the door and go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at all the stunts, explosions, and special effects. And that is absolutely awesome. xXx: Return of Xander Cage is also opening in South Africa tomorrow (that’s 27 January, to all you latecomers) and we’ve given five people, plus their partners, a chance ...[Read More]

These four people are starting 2017 with a little something from DStv

Hey, remember back in 2016 when we announced a competition to give away three DStv Explora units as well as one DStv HD Decoder? We do and that was after we might have been drinking heavily over the festive season. But not driving. That would just be silly. Long story short, we almost forgot that today was the day when we had to announce our four lucky DStv giveaway winners. But we didn’t, s...[Read More]

Three winners are about to have Kaspersky-secure internet

We love Fridays. Fridays where there is no Johannesburg traffic and nobody is taking up parking space at the office (because they’re all on holiday) are something else entirely. Throw in the fact that we can give away something to our Stuff readers and we’re on a whole other Friday level going on. Plus, there was seafood. And noodles. It was glorious. Enough about us, though. It’...[Read More]

Smanos home security kit will soon be winging its way to these two people

We do so like this time of the month. We get to give away free things to Stuff readers and, most importantly, we get to do it on a Friday. There’s nothing quite like starting your weekend off by winning a competition. Or so we’re told. We’re not actually allowed to enter these things, so we’ll likely never really know… Before you go feeling all bad for us, though, we ...[Read More]

You know you want to know who the Netatmo Welcome winner is

It was way back in the beginning of March (that long ago? Yes, it was) that we announced our Netatmo Welcome giveaway. And today’s the day when we are going to be announcing the winner of this intelligent little smart home companion. Are you ready? We can’t hear you! OOOOHHHH… Who live in a pineapple… Actually, jokes aside, we’re just thrilled to be giving away the Ne...[Read More]

The ten Castle Lite Smart Ice Cores are going to…

We’ve done just about everything we can to the Castle Lite Smart Ice Core. We’ve poked, we’ve prodded, we’ve taken it apart, we even drank the contents of it when they got cold. Because why not. The last thing that we need to do is to actually announce the winners of the ten Castle Lite Smart Ice Cores, a giveaway which has been ongoing since last week Monday. So… yea...[Read More]

Stuff’s August Issue Blackberry Q10 winners announced

Those of you who read the print edition of Stuff Magazine South Africa will probably know that we were giving away three Blackberry Q10 handsets in the August edition of the magazine. The winners have been drawn, the competition is over and you’ll find the winner’s names in the October edition of Stuff. But, just in case you don’t want to wait until you get to the place where you...[Read More]

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