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What if the companies that profit from your data had to pay you?

When it comes to digital privacy, there are plenty of organisations making money out of using your data – Google and Facebook are just two examples. But what if you were the one making the money? What if those organisations profiting from your data had to pay you a share of that earning? This idea – raised in a recent article in Quartz – is gaining ground. American author and law professor Eric Po...[Read More]

What are your Twitter meanderings worth? This tool will tell you just that

So you want to be a Twitter Kardashian, do you? Oh, wait, we read that wrong. So you want to be a social media influencer, do you? For the uninitiated, a social media influencer is someone on social media that other people listen to. And it’s possible to be paid for that, apparently. The question is: How much money can you pull down per tweet? Social marketplace Webfluential, who totally coi...[Read More]

Google takes Apple’s spot as the world’s most valuable brand

Determining the most valuable brand on the planet is a tough task but it can be done. Apple was put into that position by several research companies last year but Google has displaced the big fruit for 2014. Market research firm Millward Brown, which ranks brands based on a calculation of their value, has dropped Apple from the number one spot, a position that the company has held for three years ...[Read More]

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