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Turtle Beach Recon 200 – Another budget gaming audio contender enters the arena

It’s a strange time to be a gamer — in general, but specifically in South Africa. There are more games than ever before, the quality of those games is consistently high (we’re obviously not referring to shovelware, asset flips, and other get-less-poor-quick cash-ins). But games are also more expensive than they’ve ever been, which leaves a little less in the budget for dece...[Read More]

We have to get a set of these HyperSound directional glass speakers

Here at Stuff HQ we know Turtle Beach as the company that makes affordably tough gaming headsets, which we’re wont to use to swear at communicate with our teammates online. But the audio company is far more than that, as this video of their HyperSound directional glass speakers shows. HyperSound operates under Turtle Beach’s umbrella, but they make more esoteric products, like the spea...[Read More]

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