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Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 tease was a Stranger Things tie-in… that you can’t experience

Man, these product tie-ins are getting complicated. Last week Microsoft teased a throwback to its initial Windows operation system, Windows 1.0. At the time, we had no idea why all the time travel. Now, we know. It was indeed a tie-in with Stranger Things Season 3, which released last week on that one holiday Americans are always surprised the rest of the world doesn't celebrate. 

Stranger Things Season 3’s final trailer discards consumerism, goes big on horror

We've been following along with Netflix's Stranger Things since Season 3 was announced. While previous trailers have proved to be a little... meh, showing more drama and a not insubstantial amount of rampant consumerism (albeit a retro version of it), the newest -- and final -- Stranger Things Season 3 trailer brings the pain. And more than a little horror, to boot. 

Building Lego Stranger Things, ‘The Upside Down’ – Eggos, Demogorgons and all

We got to build the new Lego Stranger Things set and of course we had to shoot a video of the process. Don't watch it alone late at night, ya hear?

We want to flip things Upside Down with this Stranger Things Lego set (and it’s heading to SA)

It's no secret that the Stuff team are massive fans of Stranger Things, Netflix's nostalgia-fuelled horror series. It might be the late 1980s aesthetic, the often low-key horror elements (which come off like well-executed Stephen King), and the fact that the storylines are just so good. Which makes us perfect targets for this Stranger Things-themed Lego set, simply called The Upside Down. 

Light Start – The almost completely Netflix edition

Netflix has had a busy week -- considering Apple has some news arriving this evening, that's to be expected. Netflix, this Light Start is yours. Mostly.

Light Start – Samsung flip-phone, metal machine, Stranger Things 3, and Batman Ninja

Samsung will be launching a new luxury flip phone, the W2018, next year You know that Samsung still makes flip-phones, right? They’re generally for the Asian market, where that type of device never really went away. In fact, it has surged in popularity to the point where Samsung can make something like the newly announced W2018 — a luxury flip-phone. Luxury how? Dual 4.2in HD AMOLED di...[Read More]

Light Start – Facebook adds more, Dubai’s hover-cops, Touch ID numbered, and Stranger Things

Want to order food using Facebook? Apparently now you can (in some places) Okay, we’re starting to think that Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone strapped into an Oculus Rift in a Facebook-monitored home, shopping online and generating data for advertisers who want to sell you new things to buy without ever leaving the house. How else do you explain the fact that Facebook is adding the ability to...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Stranger Things: The Game

Anyone who lived through the 1980s may remember you couldn’t enter any stores (or arcades) without being bombarded with movie tie-in products, including (frequently horrible) video games. Now, as Stranger Things gears up for its second series on Netflix (27 October, horror fans), Stranger Things: The Game is here. Just as the TV show hurled you back to the halcyon days of the 1980s, this game offe...[Read More]

Light Start — Stranger Things, streets in space, The Rock + Siri, and Facebook’s phone plans

As Halloween edges closer, here’s more Stranger Things Season 2 from Comic-Con One of the visual highlights of last year was Stranger Things, the Stephen King-styled story of a mysterious young girl, a bunch of kids, a parent who thought she was going nuts, and a whole lot of 80s aesthetic. And Barb. So to say that we’re excited for the follow-up is a bit of an understatement. We still...[Read More]

Light Start – Stranger Things to return, Guardians 2, PS4 gets some space, and Amazon’s drones

All right you crazy fans, Stranger Things will be back around Halloween with Season 2 If you’re anything like the Stuff folks then Netflix Original Stranger Things blew you away in 2016. Right after our single-day binge we were asking “When is the next season going to be out?” We’ve got an answer, thanks to the Netflix Superbowl ad for Stranger Things — Season Two. We...[Read More]

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