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Facebook tops 2 billion monthly users, has designs on rest of world

Facebook has been posting some very Dr Evil-like numbers of late and their newest is also their largest yet. The social network is very pleased with itself, announcing that it has topped 2 billion monthly active users for the first time. That’s a decent jump over February this year and adds up to an awful lot of data being voluntarily shared around the world, with the company drilling down i...[Read More]

Hans Rosling brought statistics alive, as he showed us how far humanity has come

“There’s nothing boring about statistics, especially not today, when we can make the data sing,” the great Hans Rosling once said. And sing they did. Rosling – who died from pancreatic cancer last week aged 68 – was more than a mere statistician, he was that rare kind of genius who could explain the most complex subjects and make them engaging for most. The Swedish professor called himself an “edu...[Read More]

Pokémon Go’s numbers flagging as players spend less time catching them all

It had to happen eventually. The wildly-popular Pokémon Go has started to shed users, according to tracking data from Axiom Capital Management. Which could be a bad thing but you have to consider just how many users there actually are. The augmented reality app saw close to 45 million daily users in July 2016, a fine crop of interested parties by anyone’s standards. August saw those numbers ...[Read More]

A new report shows that in 2013 bots ruled the internet

Let’s hope it’s not a horrible foreshadowing of our future (we’re looking at you, Google), but gone are the days when humans created the most traffic on the internet. Stuff, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords… since bots seem to be spending more time on the net than we do these days. To clarify, bots in this context means any non-human entity on the internet that gen...[Read More]

Global smartphone shipments pass the 1 billion mark for the first time – IDC

Smartphone vendors shipped over 1 billion smartphones in 2013, according to the most recent figures from market research firm IDC. This marks the first time that the worldwide sale of smartphones has topped this number, more than doubling the shipment total met just two years previously. According to the report, the likes of Samsung, Apple, Nokia and everyone else involved shipped 1,004.2 million ...[Read More]

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