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Don Bradman Cricket 14 – Okay, we’re stumped

Hey, you know what we haven’t seen in… just about forever (we’re talking technology years here)? An actual playable cricket game and we’re not referring to the dreadful Ashes Cricket 2013, which release last year and which we’re never going to speak of again. It never happened, okay? Good. Moving on. South Africa sports fans might take this a little hard but we owe th...[Read More]

Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor will launch in Japan in May

Who says that technology makes you lazy? Several people that we know, come to think of it, but Sony will prove them wrong soon enough. The Japanese company showed off a prototype for a smart tennis sensor that is able to help users to up their game on the court by tracking the movement of the racquet. Sony has since given the prototype a name as well as a time when it will leap out onto the tennis...[Read More]

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