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Light Start – SpaceX in 2021, Zimmer BMW, The Current War, and Blackout’s split-screen splits

This week in Light Start we have the sounds of BMWs, SpaceX in the future, Call of Duty's Blackout loses a bit, and a look at The Current War.

Light Start – Sony phones in SA, Starlink spotted, dangerous laptops, and Sonic slows to 2020

This week in Light Start, SpaceX's Starlink is captured, Sonic is coming late, some suspicious files go on sale, and Sony might be leaving SA.

Light Start – Bezos on space, Musk on satellites, I am Mother, and Batwoman

In this week's Light Start, we've got a whole lotta space - thanks to both Bezos and Musk, as well as Netflix with I am Mother. Also: Batwoman.

Light Start – Beating Samsung’s sensor, military Hololens, Starhopper, and Kollector

In this week's Light Start, we've got Samsung losing to a 3D printer, Microsoft's army Hololens, SpaceX's Starthopper, and MK 11's Kollector.

How SpaceX lowered costs and reduced barriers to space

On March 2, SpaceX launched its first test of an unmanned Dragon vehicle which is designed to carry humans into low Earth orbit and to the International Space Station. If the test is successful, later this year, SpaceX plans to launch American astronauts from United States soil for the first time since 2011.

Light Start – A Dragon, a Cheetah, some Osmosis and a lack of PlayStation Vita

This week's Light Start involves some robotics, some stuff in space, a new sci-fi series from Netflix and the cancellation of Sony's handheld console

Space subjects that will get the world’s attention in 2019 – and beyond

The first few days of 2019 brought remarkable news from outer space. On January 1 NASA’s New Horizons space probe made the most distant planetary flyby ever, and captured images of a small object 4 billion miles away from earth. The following day, China landed its Chang’e 4 rover, named Jade Rabbit 2, on the far side of the moon – another first. This suggests that 2019 will be a big year for...[Read More]

Elon Musk shows off his disturbingly long tunnel on Twitter

Earlier this year, Elon Musk mentioned that The Boring Company’s LA-based underground tunnel will be operational in December. It sounded outrageous and impossible. But nothing is impossible for the Musk. Musk posted a video on Twitter showing the ‘disturbing’ length of the current tunnel, which seems to be nearing operation. He said that the 10 December opening is still on track and th...[Read More]

Listen to Elon Musk on making cars, Twitter, Mars, and why Tesla won’t make a scooter

It’s Friday afternoon (for the moment), you’re probably thinking about heading home for the weekend and work is the last thing on your mind. We’re not psychic but we can totally sympathise, which is why we’re going to give you something to do instead of your job. Elon Musk sat down with Re/Code‘s Kara Swisher recently for an interview, which is now available as a podc...[Read More]

Five things you need to do to build a home on Mars

If you had to live the rest of your life on Mars, what would you miss the most? Figuring out how we could we be comfortable living on the red planet is a challenge but with increasing discussion about how to send people to Mars with the ultimate aim of colonising the planet, how to replace the sensation of the sunshine on your face or the grass beneath your feet is prescient one. Luckily there is ...[Read More]

Light Start – SpaceX trailer, ‘smart’ mouse trap, Breadbot, and your very own HAL 9000

SpaceX’s SxSW Falcon Heavy trailer is short but incredibly sweet Elon Musk showed up at SxSW because of course he did and he, along with the folks responsible for Westworld (you know, the series about robot cowboys or something), debuted a new trailer. A trailer for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch and “…the next part of the human story”, according to Westworld series co-...[Read More]

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