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Skype update brings us HD video and mentions, with call recording coming soon

After nearly 15 years in the video-calling business, Skype has rolled out an update that’s long overdue — and it includes call/video recording and end-to-end encryption. Skype’s update is available on all desktop devices, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. It’s called Skype v8.0 and is reportedly the only version that will work after the first of September. Tell your friends, video c...[Read More]

Peeved with Telkom’s Uncapped LTE? There’s a new fair-use policy and an escape clause

Ah, the old bait and switch. Telkom rolled out “uncapped” LTE to boost usage on its mobile infrastructure, but tacked on a pretty draconian fair-use policy (FUP) that had some consumers feeling like they’d been had. Now Telkom’s done a very welcome about turn and decided to revise it’s FUP to something a little more, well, fair. Moreover, if you think the LTE uncapped...[Read More]

Google Duo is mobile video calling made easy, but will anyone use it?

At Google’s I/O event earlier this year it showed off two new mobile communications apps: the artifical- intelligence toting instant messenger app Allo, and video-calling app Duo. The latter went live today in app stores around the globe, including here in South Africa. So, what does Duo do and should you use it instead of existing solutions like Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft’s Sky...[Read More]

From internet telephony trail-blazer to being usurped, Skype may yet have another act

The first time I used Skype, it was illegal to make a phone call through the internet in South Africa. My article appeared in the now defunct This Day in September 2004 with a photograph of me – thought up by the business editor Kevin Davie – that looked like an arrest picture with the placard “Skype user” instead of the usual police case number or whatever. “Every day I break the law,” I wrote. “...[Read More]

Light Start – The No-Phones Edition

Wondering if your PC hardware has what it takes to support VR? Valve has the answer for you So you’re not afraid of the pricing for various virtual reality headset. You’re looking at grabbing yourself one of HTC’s Vive units, perhaps? Then you’re going to need to see just how much extra hardware your PC is going to need in order to keep up. Thankfully, if you’ve been ...[Read More]

If Vodacom and MTN win OTT battle South Africa loses

South Africa’s two largest mobile operators, Vodacom and MTN, will this week attend hearings led by parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications on whether or not so called “over-the-top” players like WhatsApp and Skype should be regulated. Which seems to be code for asking that the Committee allow said operators to charge for third-party services that offer messa...[Read More]

Skype for browsers: no app required

You know an application or service has made it when its name becomes a verb. Video and voice-over IP (VoIP) service Skype, like mobile messaging services WhatsApp and BBM, is just such an application. Now its owner, Microsoft, is releasing a web-based version of the hugely popular service, which means users will be able to place and receive calls via their web browser rather than needing a dedicat...[Read More]

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