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Cloudy with a chance of McDonald’s – Your Uber Eats could arrive by drone in just eight minutes

In the not too distant future, you will be able to order Uber Eats that will be delivered to you by drone, as the ride-sharing company announced a pilot with McDonald's in San Diego. Using a current commercial drone Uber has been testing deliveries with the hamburger maker in the California city. Ultimately it plans to create a custom drone for delivering food in a custom box.

Pokémon Go updates to usher in tons of new features

Already getting bored of Pokémon Go? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that its developer has big plans for future updates. At the Pokémon Go panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Niantic CEO John Hanke let fly with some tasty tidbits of fresh information. The huge success of the title had seen the panel upgraded from its original venue to the massive Hall H. Everyone, it seems, wants to know ...[Read More]

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