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Inside the tech that makes ‘near-miss’ air collisions almost impossible

The sky is a crowded place. In June 2017, there were on average 33,000 flights every day over Europe alone. Surely then, it’s not surprising that we hear of “near-misses” between passenger jets, and of “hero pilots” avoiding “mid-air collisions”? Well yes, actually it is, because that can’t happen. These so-called “near-misses” are still a long way off from being a collision. Take the recently rep...[Read More]

Overcoming ‘cyber-fatigue’ requires users to step up for security

As a new presidential administration takes over, it will need to pay significant attention to cybersecurity. Indeed, we’ve already been told to expect “a comprehensive plan” for cybersecurity in the first few months of the new administration. But as a professional who has long been part of the global internet security community, I am pessimistic that the typical government and individual plans or ...[Read More]

Deep underground, smartphones can save miners’ lives

American mining production increased earlier this decade, as industry sought to reduce its reliance on other countries for key minerals such as coal for energy and rare-earth metals for use in consumer electronics. But mining is dangerous – working underground carries risks of explosions, fires, flooding and dangerous concentrations of poisonous gases. Mine accidents have killed tens of thousands ...[Read More]

Is someone watching you online? The security risks of the Internet of Things

The range and number of “things” connected to the internet is truly astounding, including security cameras, ovens, alarm systems, baby monitors and cars. They’re are all going online, so they can be remotely monitored and controlled over the internet. Internet of Things (IoT) devices typically incorporate sensors, switches and logging capabilities that collect and transmit data across the internet...[Read More]

Kiband safety bracelet stops children wandering off, can only be removed with your phone

Safety conscience gadget-loving parents rejoice. In the not so distant future there’s a piece of kit that monitors your children’s movements for you. And it tells them off as well. Meet the Kiband from KiLife Tech; a device due to be heading into production aiming to resolve a long-running issue, namely, children that walk too far from their parents. Billed as a ‘child safety sma...[Read More]

Ducati’s new bike jacket auto-deploys airbags in the event of an accident

There is motorcycle gear out there with built-in airbags (and we’re very happy about that) but that sort of kit usually weigh a lot due to sensors, without which the whole rig won’t work. Ducati reportedly has the answer for this problem, and has teamed up with Dainese to develop a system that should make the rig lighter, and therefore much more user friendly. The new Ducati Multistrada D-Ai...[Read More]

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