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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 seen in leaked renders, is missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

Samsung's next high-end smartphone is going to be the Galaxy Note 10. That's not the result of leaks, or any thing official Samsung has said. That's just the way the world works now. And, just like the sun rising every morning, it's about time for us to get an early, unofficial look at the Galaxy Note 10. 

This could be the final design for Motorola’s foldable RAZR update (and we really hope it is)

We've been following rumours that Lenovo-owned Motorola is looking at cracking the folding phone market (such as it is) with its very own entry -- a folding version of the iconic Motorola RAZR. We've found out what the specs are likely to be, and now we may have a pretty good idea what it looks like. 

Is this what the Apple iPhone 8 is going to look like?

It’s nowhere near September yet (but it’s plodding along — we’re nearly halfway there) so we don’t have live images yet but several supposed renders of the iPhone 8 have pitched up online. The renders potentially give us our best look at the design choices that Apple will make for this year’s iPhone. Initial renders were made by website Engadget, being based on ...[Read More]

A look at the Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 ahead of August reveal

The Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t have many secrets left to hide. We already know what it’s going to be packing, though there’s still a tiny bit of room for error, and we’re more or less set on what the smartphone will look like. It’s just a matter of picking a colour and if the render for the Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 is anything to go by, we may have a winner. The render com...[Read More]

Note 6? Note 7? Samsung’s next Galaxy is looking slick in these leaked renders

There’s still a long way to go until launch, but the Galaxy Note 6 (or should that be Note 7) is looking pretty tasty in these leaked renders. The pics, leaked to USwitch by supply chain-spying @onleaks, are the best look yet at Samsung’s upcoming phablet king, showing off some clear design heritage from the Galaxy S7. Are the similarities so striking that Samsung’s going to igno...[Read More]

This is what the Apple iPhone 7 Plus will look like

Forget renders and mockups – here’s the best look yet at what the iPhone 7 Plus will look like when it arrives in September. We’ve bagged the CAD files being used to make prototypes of Apple’s upcoming smartphone sensation, which may well actually end up being called the iPhone 7 Pro, courtesy of @OnLeaks, AKA Steve Hemmerstoffer of With pics in hand, we can finally address ...[Read More]

If the BlackBerry Priv takes off, this could be the company’s next Android

BlackBerry have finally let their first Android, the Priv, out into the wild and reviews are… varied, actually. But if it does well, we can expect to see more Android devices coming from BlackBerry… that still sounds so wrong. But if another Android is forthcoming, this is what it might look like (above, via CrackBerry). What you see here is Venice, reportedly the next Android to issue...[Read More]

This could be your first clear look at the iPad Mini 4

When it comes to Apple devices, the look of the thing is just as important as how it works. If we were unkind we could say that the look is more important than how the device runs but that’s not fair – Apple’s mobile devices are not slouches in any department. It’s looks that we’re focusing on right now as a CAD file, which claims to show Apple’s upcoming iPad M...[Read More]

Is this what the Galaxy Note 5 will look like?

September is fast approaching and that means that we’re going to be seeing a swathe of new phones popping up at IFA 2015. One of these is the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung’s updated phablet, and the rumours have been coming in steadily ahead of the announcement. Now it looks like the design files for the handset have also been leaked. The actual CAD design file, that is, as found by leaker On...[Read More]

Is this the 13in iPad Pro?

So, that 12.9in “iPad Pro” that Apple’s been reportedly working on for the past few years. Will it end up looking like this? The above image is a supposed internal Apple render of the larger, more powerful iPad from December 2014. It was posted by serial Twitter leaker OnLeaks, who cautions that, as it’s from six months ago, some “tiny little changes” may have been made to the product. The iPad Pr...[Read More]

If the LG G4 ends up looking like this, then we’ll definitely want one

Look at your phone. Now look back at the screen. Tell us which handset you think looks prettier. Unless you’re rocking an iPhone 6 or have manged to somehow nab a Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9, then we’d bet money on the above G4 render out-classing your smartphone. A concept video showing off a render (read: an interpretation based on leaks) of the LG G4 has been created by Croatian...[Read More]

Amazon’s smartphone revealed in purported leaked render

If the above image is to be believed, we’re getting our first full, unadorned glimpse of Amazon’s debut smartphone. BGR obtained the shot, which is said to be an internal reference render for graphic designers at the online retailer, and it matches well with previously leaked photos and details of the long-rumoured device. As shown, the phone doesn’t seem to be aiming for a distinctive aesthetic, ...[Read More]

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