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You can only buy Range Rover’s Virgin Galactic Astronaut Edition if you’re going to space

How far would you go in order to secure a limited edition... anything? Would you be willing to pay extra? Do something silly on camera? Travel large distances? Yeah, about that last one... Land Rover has an upcoming Range Rover dubbed the Astronaut Edition, a partnership with Virgin Galactic. The catch? You're going to have to sign up to travel to space if you want one of your very own. 

The new, even more luxurious Range Rover Evoque is coming to SA

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that the new Range Rover Evoque will come to South Africa. The luxury compact SUV is available in 2.0-litre diesel as well as petrol variations, and is a great companion for both outdoors and city-livin’ types — if you can bring yourself to take it off-road, that is, and risk a stone chipping its rather fetching exterior. You’ll likely recognise the Evoque, be...[Read More]

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