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Sony Xperia Touch review: Great idea, terrible result

Bring it on Tony Stark, we’re inching closer to touchscreen surfaces, one intriguing prototype at a time. The Sony Xperia Touch is the first one to come to market in South Africa, and — more importantly — the first to arrive on our desks for testing. The Xperia Touch generated plenty of hype when it was teased a few years back, and the eventual commercial version has some nifty feature...[Read More]

Samsung’s futuristic smartwatch concept projects an interface onto your body

Smartwatch screens are small by necessity, as the larger they get the more cumbersome the device is to wear around your wrist. But what if your watch (Gear S2 shown) wasn’t limited by its screen and instead used the rest of your appendage as a display? It could happen, assuming Samsung creates the tech to match its impressive vision. Over the weekend, a patent application from the company wa...[Read More]

Light Start – Hyundai’s housework, Blimp II: The Return, Android projectors, and Final Fantasy XV

Hyundai’s taking its own crack at converted vehicle batteries for the home Hyundai is taking a crack at turning batteries meant for motor vehicles into something that can be used in the home. By ‘crack’ we mean ‘attempt’ rather than ‘comment’ or ‘dangerous narcotic’, of course. Researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherland...[Read More]

Nintendo patent reveals sleep monitor that projects images above your bed

Nintendo’s days as purely a console/portable game and hardware maker – and nothing else – are about to be behind them, as the company explores smartphone gaming. But Nintendo has been poking around in other, less obvious markets. Last October, Nintendo revealed plans to launch a “Quality of Life” platform in 2016, with a non-wearable sleep tracker that would use cloud...[Read More]

This giant alien-like projector will transform your living room into a gaming holodeck

While it might look like an alien death ray, the Immersis projector is actually far from a futuristic vaporising killing machine. Instead, it’s a projector that’s designed to extend your PC/Mac gaming shenanigans to the walls of your living room, increasing immersion and dropping your friends’ collective jaws at the same time. If you remember Microsoft’s Illumiroom prototyp...[Read More]

HP Sprout is a PC with a 3D scanner and huge tactile touchpad

HP has just announced an oddity of a PC, and it’s actually rather exciting. Dubbed the Sprout (no, we’re not quite sure why either), this machine initially looks like a pretty ordinary all-in-one desktop. But peer closer and you’ll see it’s far from that. Mounted above the Sprout’s 23in LCD screen is an array of cameras able to scan physical objects placed in front of it, creating 3D models of the...[Read More]

X-Project WiFi – Is that a projector in your pocket or…

The time has come to replace or upgrade your TV and you’re battling to decide which model to get. There’s always the option to pick up a projector, if you’re the sort of person that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with broadcast television but we’re not about to argue the merits of projector vs. TV here. We had our hands on something a bit different in the projector li...[Read More]

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