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Clash of the Kindles: which one should you buy?

E-readers used to be the simple, beans-on-toast comfort food of the gadget world. That’s all changed. Amazon makes a whopping four different Kindles, all with proper e-reader screens you can gaze at for hours without getting a headache. They can all store thousands of books, last for weeks off a charge and even the cheapest Kindle has a touchscreen these days. Look at the range and you can be left...[Read More]

Amazon’s new Kindle could be even thinner, with a rechargeable battery case

If you’re an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite owner then you probably feel like you’ll never need to fork out for an other ereader again. It’s an excellent choice, after all. Amazon wants to change your mind however, and will be revealing its new Kindle next week. But what could it do to tempt you to drop some cash down again? Well, The Wall Street Journal reports that the upcoming Kindle will be thinner ...[Read More]

Amazon’s next Paperwhite Kindle should be arriving next year, with changes in tow

Amazon’s side-lite Paperwhite Kindle is due for an upgrade and a TechCrunch report claims to have the good on when we’ll see it and what the updated device will entail. According to the report, Amazon will have a new Paperwhite device on the market some time in Q2 2014. The e-reader, apparently code-named Ice Wine, will feature an upgraded 300ppi (pixels per inch) display and TechCrunc...[Read More]

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