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Realm Royale enters open beta on PS4 and Xbox One

Whether you enjoy playing battle royale games or not, the game mode has taken the games industry by storm with everyone from small dev studios to massive titles wanting in on the action. Now Hi-Rez Studios (who made the shooter games, Paladins, Paladins Strike and Smite), have built a battle royale game called Realm Royale, and it’s just entered open beta status. Drop into the Realm Like Hi-...[Read More]

Fortnite (probably) coming to Switch

Epic Games is trying to be truly inclusive, by giving all gamers the ability to play their battle royale game mode, no matter the platform. It seems as though Fortnite will be parachuting on to Nintendo Switch, a move that will most likely be confirmed at E3 next week. How do we know? Fortnite was spotted on an apparent E3 list which was leaked to 4chan’s /v/ board on Friday. The list was in...[Read More]

The best mobile adaptations of console & PC games available right now

Smaller versions of console and PC games being released on mobile is the new ‘big thing’ in the gaming world. It gets the word out (because mobile is cheaper to play and easier to access), and people can game on the move — this is especially important for PC gamers who, by definition, tend to be tied to their massive rig in order to game. Okay, we know not all PC gamers will inhe...[Read More]

Paladins has released its own battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

After the hype around PUBG, many developers have followed the same trend of battle royale game modes going into 2018. Paladins, the free-to-play console game has released its own massive-online last-man-standing Paladins: Battlegrounds game mode with the latest update to the title. The OB66 update  is available today. At launch it’s in “alpha stage”, which really just means the c...[Read More]

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