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No more 12in MacBook: Apple has other plans for its notebook lineup

Apple has decided to boot its 12in MacBook this week after introducing a new lower-cost MacBook Air and an updated 13in MacBook Pro. The previous-gen MacBook Air (that doesn’t feature Apple's Retina display) also won’t be available anymore. 

Is this the Apple MacBook Air pricing for South Africa? If so, you can pre-order it now

Usually when local pricing for a new Apple product is announced it turns up in Stuff‘s inbox without notice or warning. It’s not often found on the local iStore website for all to see, without fanfare. But that’s just what has happened with the local pricing for Apple’s new Macbook Air — it’s just kinda turned up. The new MacBook Air is now available on the iSto...[Read More]

Stuff’s five-minute guide to Apple’s iPad Pro event

Apple’s events are renowned for dragging on a bit. So, you didn’t have 90 minutes to spare on a Tuesday afternoon to take it all in or even about fifteen minutes to go into specifics? We get it, you’re a busy person with stuff to do. That’s where Stuff comes in. We watched the whole thing — even the bit in the middle when they started rambling on about Apple Stores and everyone b...[Read More]

Apple’s got a new MacBook Air heading our way soon

100 Million. That’s how many people are using Mac devices worldwide and that’s just one figure of many from Apple’s presentation in Brooklyn, New York, today. But we’re far more interested in the new MacBook Air models heading to market soon. Apple took the wraps off some freshened-up skinny notebooks at their late-2018 presentation, with Tim Cook introducing an all-new dev...[Read More]

Apple confirms an event for 30 October, here’s what to expect

Apple has been busy this year, announcing three new handsets a few months ago, brand new OS updates across the board, and a slew of rumours about other hardware to follow. We’ll likely see the company’s new iPad Pro and Mac products at their just-announced 30 October event. The company sent out unique invite designs for the event, to a bunch of media across the world. Apple’s event will be h...[Read More]

Get the December issue on Monday and save on the latest tech

Whether you’re looking to get on top of your festive season shopping early, or simply need to scratch your gadget-acquisition itch, Monday 21 November is the date to diarise. That’s when our December issue hits shelves, complete with our latest selection of discounted deals from WeChat and Incredible Connection. So, what can you look forward to? Up to 50% off selected gadgets, includin...[Read More]

Core revises pricing for current MacBooks

With the new 12-inch Apple MacBook expected in coming months and a range of updates to the existing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro ranges Core, the South African distributor of Apple’s products has revised its pricing for current devices and revealed the pricing of the updated versions of the existing lines. There’s no news on the pricing for the 12-inch MacBook, yet, but given the US pri...[Read More]

Retina Display MacBook Air production ramps up for early 2015 release

The latest whispers from the iRumour mill suggest that production of the long-rumoured Retina Display MacBook Air has increased ahead of its launch in the first quarter of 2015. The news, courtesy of Digitimes, states that Apple’s supplier Quanta Computer is looking to bring in an additional 30,000 workers to also help with production of the Apple Watch. Sources close to Quanta believe that ...[Read More]

Report: 12in MacBook Air’s slimmer redesign will eliminate most ports

CES 2015 is raging right now, but a purported Apple leak may well steal some of the momentum from the major players exhibiting their wares. Ready for this? The MacBook Air will soon be redesigned. Wait, that doesn’t sound so exciting. We’ve actually heard this rumour for upwards of a year now, and in various incarnations. So what’s different? 9to5Mac’s sources at Apple have shared significant info...[Read More]

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro: Clever but costly

Lenovo’s latest flagship, contortionist laptop (the company favours the term “convertible”) radiates class – assuming you don’t get it in orange, that is. From its watchstrap-like hinge, which enables the display to fold completely flat against its underside (creating a beautiful – but bulky – 13-inch tablet) to its 3200×1600 pixel display and slim profile, the Yoga 3 Pro veritably screams: “...[Read More]

Rumour: Apple to launch 4K iMac and Retina display MacBook Air in October

October could be a big month for Mac users, if a report by 9to5Mac turns out to be correct: the site claims the month will see the full release not only of OS X Yosemite, but also of a 4K iMac desktop and 12in Retina display MacBook Air. Phew. The report claims that Yosemite will be available for download free-of-charge towards the end of October, and that the launch of new high resolution Mac com...[Read More]

Apple quietly updates MacBook Air range with faster Haswell processors

Apple today updated its MacBook Air line of laptops. On the outside, the changes aren’t particularly significant. The 11in and 13in sizes remain, with neither screen upgraded to Retina display resolutions, and the notebooks sport the same sleek shape as the models they’re replacing. But beneath the skin, the range’s adoption of Intel’s latest Haswell Core i5 and i7 processors mean they are some mi...[Read More]

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