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Killer robots already exist, and they’ve been here a very long time

Humans will always make the final decision on whether armed robots can shoot, according to a statement by the US Department of Defense. Their clarification comes amid fears about a new advanced targeting system, known as ATLAS, that will use artificial intelligence in combat vehicles to target and execute threats. While the public may feel uneasy about so-called “killer robots”, the concept is not...[Read More]

AI has already been weaponised – and it shows why we should ban ‘killer robots’

A dividing line is emerging in the debate over so-called killer robots. Many countries want to see new international law on autonomous weapon systems that can target and kill people without human intervention. But those countries already developing such weapons are instead trying to highlight their supposed benefits. I witnessed this growing gulf at a recent UN meeting of more than 70 countries in...[Read More]

The likelihood of encountering killer robots in the future

The existence of killer robots, automated and autonomous tech capable of unleashing wide-scale devastation on the human race, is a frightening prospect even before you delve into the fears (held by the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking) surrounding the possible rise of an artificial intelligence bent on wiping out humanity. The possibility exists that the scenario portrayed in the video above...[Read More]

Killer robots, free will and the illusion of control

Control. We all like to think we have it, but is it all just an illusion? It might seem like a very existential question but it plays an important part in our acceptance of new technologies, especially when it comes to robots. Even if we personally aren’t in control of something, we often like to comfort ourselves that someone else is. Humans have free will and empathy and we trust that we will ma...[Read More]

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