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Petrolheads unite! The Festival of Motoring is on this weekend at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

You don’t need diesel in your veins, grease under your fingernails or horsepower calculations running through your head to enjoy the Festival of Motoring.

Microsoft launches new Azure datacentres in Johannesburg, Cape Town

Microsoft has brought new Azure datacentres to South Africa, based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The datacentres are the company's "...first enterprise-grade datacenters in Africa", and will be instrumental in connecting the country (and the continent) with Microsoft's services. 

We paid a visit to the Sennheiser showroom and it’s an audiophile’s dream

It was quite an experience arriving at the South African Sennheiser showroom only to see a gigantic screen welcoming us on our tour of the facility. Which made us feel rather VIP-like… and a little guilty that we originally wandered in the back door, where there’s a full-scale manufacturing operation. We were met by James Futter who, along with Mitech Direct’s Rodger Reeks, took ...[Read More]

Call-a-superhero feature to be added to Taxify

South Africans are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and staying safe is of utmost importance — especially in high-risk cities (like Stuff‘s own front lawn that is Johannesburg). Taxify, with the help of emergency assistance app Namola, is rolling out a new safety feature for Taxify drivers and users. The app will now launch an emergency button that, if pressed, connects at-ri...[Read More]

A brief visit to the ICON Comics & Games Convention 2017

This past weekend turned into an unexpected journey for Stuff, who paid a visit (for the very first time) to ICON 2017, an event which took place at Gallagher Convention Centre over three days on this long weekend. At this point many of you may be going “ICON who?” The ICON Comics and Games Convention is a long-running celebration (the event is in its 25th year, making it older than ma...[Read More]

UberEats goes live in Joburg tomorrow

Look out Mr Delivery, here’s UberEats, the food delivery service the car-hailing service first rolled out in Toronto, Canada, in 2015. The service goes live in Johannesburg tomorrow and uses a standalone app, rather than being built-in to the existing Uber app, which is available for Android and iOS. Deliveries are completed using a combination of existing UberX vehicles and dedicated UberEa...[Read More]

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre hosting festive holiday program for the young ‘uns

The best thing about holidays? Doing whatever you want. If you have kids though, you will usually wind up doing whatever they want. Unless you head to someplace like the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre where they’re hosting a month-long holiday programme that will entertain and educate kids. According to the Centre, school-age kids (and we dare say a few parents as well) will be able to experience...[Read More]

Uber kicks off cheaper Jozi-based uberX with a free weekend of transportation

Uber, the app-based transportation finder that has been enjoying huge success (and upsetting taxi associations) around the world, has just launched a new, cheaper version of their service in Johannesburg. uberBlack has already been available in Jozi for about a year but Uber have now also dropped uberX, a far less costly app-sourced ride finder that will see passengers taking their trips in Toyota...[Read More]

Fibre-to-the-home hits Jozi’s Parkhurst, Vumatel to provide speeds up to 1000Mbps

Johannesburg’s Parkhurst is soon going to be the envy of just about every other internet user in the country thanks to a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) initiative which will see the residents having access to internet line speeds between 4Mbps, an offering which will be free as far as line costs are concerned, and 1000Mbps. Local provider Vumatel will be providing the lines for Parkhurst residents...[Read More]

South African tombstone theft prevention (yes, really) takes the SMS road

South Africa has long had issues with interesting thefts but the newest spate of crime in Johannesburg involves tombstones going missing, according to a report from the Associated Press. It’s not really a crime wave but the AP report says that 20 tombstones a month are being stolen from cemeteries around Johannesburg. A method of combating the problem, involving embedded microchips fitted wi...[Read More]

Uber launches in South Africa

Johannesburg is the first city in Africa, and the 40th in the world, to get the Uber chauffeur service. Calling itself “everyone’s private driver,” Uber has revolutionised car transport in big international cities by utilising owner-driver cabs with spare capacity and linking them to smartphone users in need of a ride. Uber uses a sophisticated app (for Apple and Android; while t...[Read More]

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