Hisense Infinity KO – Glass chin or knockout?

Hisense has got it in its head that it want to impress you. And with the Hisense Infinity KO, the company’s first locally-released water- and dust-proof handset, they might have succeeded. Even if we’re questioning their usage of all-over glass, however toughened, for a rugged handset. You can level that complaint at Samsung’s Galaxy S7 right now, so Hisense are in good company. ...[Read More]

Hisense’s newly-launched Infinity KO can take a few knocks

Earlier today, at a venue in Johannesburg Chinese electronics manufacturer unveiled a new handset for the South African market. That would be the rugged-ish, IP67-rated Hisense Infinity KO. Following an overview of the company’s global operations, which was actually not soul-destroying, we got to take a closer look at the Infinity KO, which had been on display at the launch venue, Sp8ce, sin...[Read More]

Hisense Infinity H7 Pureshot LTE – One shot at glory?

It’s not hard to tell when you’re holding a Hisense phone. There aren’t a lot of design options for candybar handsets but Hisense still manages to stand out as having one of the most distinctively generic phones I’ve ever seen. The average Hisense handset looks, on the surface, like a piece of stock photography but that works for them. The Hisense Infinity H7 Pureshot LTE, ...[Read More]

Hisense has three new LTE handsets landing in November

We’ve been quite taken with the Hisense smartphones that we’ve seen so far and there’s another opportunity for Hisense to impress. The company has announced that they’ve got three new LTE-toting smartphones heading to the South African market in November. The three phones, in ascending order of damage to your wallet, are the Hisense Infinity Pulse LTE, , the Infinity Puresh...[Read More]

Hisense is taking over Sharp’s TV range in the Americas

Sharp’s TV line hasn’t been doing all that well, particularly in the Americas where competition is extremely fierce. The likes of Samsung and LG, like most other places, make penetrating the TV market a tough proposition. It seems that Sharp, in that region at least, has thrown in the towel. Their brand will live on though, thanks to Chinese company Hisense which seems to be everywhere...[Read More]

Hisense-made ULED TVs arriving in SA this August

Hisense might be a Chinese company but they’re also one of the few to produce their products locally. From smartphones to TVs, Hisense has gained some impressive traction in the local market based on their pricing. Their products themselves aren’t bad either. So we’re going to be taking notice when the company says that they’ve got some new tech on the way for South Africa....[Read More]

Mobile in the Middle – HiSense Infinity H6 vs Acer Liquid Jade vs LG G3 Beat vs Nokia Lumia 630

We’d dearly love to be able to afford every single high-end smartphone that hits the market, when it hits the market. But that presents us with some problems. First: What would we do with them all? We could, perhaps, make a dress out of smartphones that are no longer in use and sell them to a pop star — we might be able to fund a few more phones that way. Second: How would we pay for t...[Read More]

HiSense Infinity H6

HiSense is getting further into the smartphone game here in South Africa and if what we’ve seen of their TVs is anything to go by, they could be making inroads into the territory more traditionally held by the bigger cellular players quite soon. Inspecting their Infinity H6 handset, a 5-inch mid-ranger with a price to match, doesn’t do much to dispel that impression. Make no mistake, t...[Read More]

Cheapest Chromebooks to date revealed, along with Chromebit computer on a stick

Chromebook are getting better and better over time, but the Google-powered laptops are also getting cheaper and cheaper in some cases. And today, Google revealed the cheapest models to date. The Haier Chromebook 11 and Hisense Chromebook will be available for just $149 (about R1,800 or so) apiece, with pre-orders starting up today. Only American retailers have been announced so far: the Haier will...[Read More]

HiSense Sero 8 Pro – A good 8 inches

Hoo, boy, Samsung, LG and the rest of the bigger players might actually get annoyed at HiSense for this one. The Sero 8 Pro tablet is actually a really decent piece of handheld tech – a tad more heft than we’d like as a general rule but it’s packing enough performance and features to get up the noses of the big boys. Just a little bit. I was sent the HiSense Sero 8 Pro, which is ...[Read More]

HiSense launches Smart, Android-powered (4K) Vision TV in SA

HiSense has been a growing presence in South Africa, now claiming the second spot in terms of fridges and TV sets in local homes and they’re going for the upper end of the market with their just-launched addition to their Vision TV lineup. Calling it a “first-of-its-kind” TV, HiSense are bringing a locally-made, Android-powered Smart TV to our shores. HiSense South Africa General...[Read More]

HiSense Pure 1 – Middle of the road

Wait, HiSense has a smartphone? Yes, HiSense has a few smartphones actually but this is the first physical specimen to cross the threshold at Stuff Towers. And, on the face of it, HiSense has a pretty decent phone in the Pure 1 though it wallows in the dust left by the major manufacturers. That’s fine though, the company isn’t known for its cellular tech but they’re making stride...[Read More]

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