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Stop blaming video games for mass killings

In the wake of the El Paso shooting on Aug. 3 that left 22 dead and dozens injured, a familiar trope has reemerged: Often, when a young man is the shooter, people try to blame the tragedy on violent video games and other forms of media. This time around, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick placed some of the blame on a video game industry that “teaches young people to kill.” Republican House Minority Leade...[Read More]

TIKAD is the drone all those Terminator movies warned us about

If when asked “What is the next thing needed in drone technology?”, you answer “Guns!” we will a) question your sanity and b) congratulate you on thinking like the makers of TIKAD. TIKAD is a drone that looks an awful lot like the rigs used to tote around high-end camera equipment for the movie industry. There is one big difference though: Shooting with these results in far...[Read More]

A licence to print: how real is the risk posed by 3D printed guns?

3D printed guns are back in the news after Queensland Police reported last week that they had discovered a 3D printer in a raid on what appeared to be a “large-scale” weapons production facility as a part of Operation Oscar Quantum. According to police, the raid uncovered homemade weapons and ammunition in a workshop manufacturing facility “containing equipment used in the production of fully auto...[Read More]

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