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Fitbit’s next Versa smartwatch has leaked and it’s bringing AMOLED with it

Fitbit's Versa smartwatch/fitness tracker impressed us right out of the gate, though we were less taken with the sequel. The next entry in the franchise promises to do better, though, as Fitbit's next Versa has leaked online. The highlight? A new AMOLED display, some design changes, and support for Amazon's Alexa. Looks like we might have to get that Echo tech after all.

Fitbit Versa Lite – A safe bet for varied tracking but few standout features

We've used Fitbit’s Versa for some time, but the company's since gone and released a stripped-back version of the smartwatch/fitness tracker -- that's the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition to you. The new wearable loses a fair few functions but that means that the price is right. On paper, at least. The RRP for the Versa Lite Edition is lower than the Versa's RRP -- not that it matters all that much.

Let’s celebrate our dads more: Give the gift of wellness this Father’s Day

Fitbit surveyed a selection of its users internationally to find out how fitness could fit into parents’ busy schedules, and how they could take better advantage of their time with their children to improve their fitness at the same time.

Meet the four new Fitbit’s: The Versa Lite, Inspire and Inspire HR, and Ace 2

Fitbit has announced four new products, including a smartwatch, two bands and a new fitness tracker for children.

Fitbit Charge 3 review: No need to charge this Charge a lot

Fitness trackers are still worth your time — even though smartwatches are on everyone’s wrists right now. Apple just launched the brilliant Watch 4 that has made insane progress in the wearables sector. But you know what’s still buggy about smartwatches? Battery life. This is where fitness trackers enter the space with confidence. With a smaller range of apps and functionality, they can last...[Read More]

Give the gift of Fit with Fitbit’s Charge 3 and Versa devices this festive season

Everyone knows someone who is just a little difficult to buy gifts for. Folks who either have everything already or are terrible at making their perferences known. You know – well-meaning folks who just happen to make the festive season difficult just by existing. We still love those guys, but come on… This year you can circumvent all the worrying and stress by giving the most important gift of al...[Read More]

Fitbit launches Charge 3 with up to 7-day battery life and updated health features

Fitbit is expanding on their Charge range with the new Fitbit Charge 3. The company’s latest mid-range wearable tracker is water resistant to 50m, features a range of nifty exercise modes, and promises up to a whopping 7-day battery life. You can even get Fitbit Pay on it… but only on the ‘Special Edition’. An interesting development is the addition of an SpO2 sensor – not ...[Read More]

Pay with your Fitbit or Garmin wearable with FNB

South Africans will soon have a range of new mobile payment methods to choose from. Earlier this week Absa announced integration with Samsung Pay (with Standard Bank expected to do likewise any day now), and today FNB announced support for Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay that will work with any contactless enabled point-of-sale device. Apple Pay, where you at? Now anyone with compatible Fitbit and Garmi...[Read More]

Fitbit Versa – 6 things you need to know

Fitbit’s got a lot of competition in the wearables market these days, from Apple in particular but also from everyone else who’s decided to put a collection of microchips into a wristband. Their answer to the latest lot of challenges is the Versa, the company’s second shot at an honest-to-goodness smartwatch. And the Versa does a lot of things right. It’s cheaper than its i...[Read More]

Fitbit’s got two new devices, the Ace and Versa, and is adding menstrual tracking to its software

Wearables company Fitbit has announced two new devices, the Versa smartwatch and the Ace fitness tracker for children. The Versa is a pared-down version of the Ionic smartwatch while the Ace is a fitness tracking wristband that resembles the Alta, but is aimed at children. Fitbit has also announced a new version of its smartwatch operating system, Fitbit OS 2.0, that’ll bring new features li...[Read More]

Fitbit Ionic’s Adidas Edition is coming later this month

Apple and Samsung, Windows and Mac, BMW and Merc, Nike and Adidas, Marmite eaters and rational humans: The world is full of intensive rivalries. And rivals like nothing more than sticking it to each other. So when Fitbit announced its Apple Watch challenger, the Ionic, last year it was no surprise when it added that an Adidas Edition would follow down the line. Now we’ve got a date to diaris...[Read More]

Wearable technologies help Olympians achieve top performance

As Fitbits and other wearable activity monitors change how regular people exercise and track their activity, they’re having similar effects on how Olympians train and recover between workouts. It’s long been common for coaches to use video cameras to show athletes what their form and movements look like, to track progress, and to fine-tune exactly the right technique for, say, taking off for a jum...[Read More]

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